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Some people can't be helped or even subdued.
The Braggart

There are people who take credit
When things are going good,
But zip the lip when everything’s
Not going as it should.

I tend to flee from braggarts,
As many people do,
Their presence makes me feel
like I've got something on my shoe.

The smell is really something,
I have to bite my tongue,
I hold my nose just waiting
to escape this pile of dung.

To burst a bubble's cruel, I know,
But I'll make an exception,
The time has come to straighten out
This bragger’s misconceptions.

I grit my teeth and then commence
To list all his infractions,
I say my piece and then stand back
In righteous satisfaction.

Being human, most of us
accept our limitations,
But some do not and just reject
All adverse situations.

It’s like I haven’t spoken
Or at least he’s not to blame,
He shifts the subject gracefully --
Some people have no shame.

I guess some guys are perfect,
At least they think that's so,
I have a strong dissenting view
and now I have to go.

I say farewell to who must be
the greatest of all men
And hope to God I never
have to see this jerk again.
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