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Just a fun time with words
Play time

Created by: Brokenwords 19-Dec-18

What happens in a world gone dark and gray?
Are we suppose to take it day by day.
That's the only way.
At least that's what people say.
Pick up the pieces don't let them stay.
Now is not the time for play.
Not left in a state of decay.
Listen to the words I'm about to lay.
Don't get eaten like prey.
Get cooking like Bobby Flay.
Don't let people lead you astray.
Left like a cigarette in an ashtray
Don't show any signs of delay.
Why be overwhelmed by this gray?
Tomorrow will be a new day.
Find your own way.
Don't listen to what people say.
In a funk you can't stay.
Go find somewhere to play.
Get out of the miserable decay
It's okay if you lay.
Be a lion looking for prey.
Cook a feast better than Bobby Flay.
Make your path never astray.
Time to empty that gross ashtray.
Feel the wind don't delay.
Behind you goes that dismal gray.
Now marks a new day.
May a light shine your way.
I've said all I can say.
I must leave now for I cannot stay.
With these words now I lay.
It was fun to word play.
Got out of the nasty decay.
Words are my real prey.
It was nice to flay.
Good thing I didn't go astray.
Cleaned words like a dirty ashtray.
Gotta go now must not delay!
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