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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Internet/Web · #2177945
I am not a number, I am a free man!

With ink engaged, we start the page,
as sinew, flesh and blood
With spirit, mind and soul assuaged,
we welcome in the flood

Lives built low on such plains large
… some time is all it takes
With arks ignored, we board our barge,
as levees round us break

Fracturing down firewalls
Cracked, broken down in codes
Scripts that set us up for falls
Deciphered and Exposed

Decrypted down to zeroes, ones
Encrypted for the screen
Off the grid and on the run
… so very rarely seen

Praying to a backlit light
We monitor... Decree
A myriad of sites, swiped right
With fish left in the sea

Plenty left for other's eyes,
with images so skewed
Nets that filter truths from lies
Deciding how we're viewed

Through goggles virtual, it seems,
we're tinted, tainted... weaned
On broken memes and danker dreams
Played out through flattened screens

With default resolution set,
and definition... bland
A standard high, yet rarely met
An image of us stands

As wearily we we type our way,
lives touching whilst we rend
As zeroes and ones, displayed,
...up to our pages end
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