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The night drags on for a desperate mother
Silence in a child's home is deafening to a mother,
An eerie agonizing endless siren to the ears
Nothing's worse than a missing child, bringing life to all your fears
Emergency numbers flood my phone, dialing one behind another

Terror grabs me by the throat, violently shaking in my tracks
I want to crumble, cry and fall but now is not the time
My baby needs me to find the strength, I wish it'd all rewind
The heart will endure through the break, temporarily suffering the cracks

A frigid night into December, the longest of the year
The solstice drags and pulls at time, the night may never end
Just pray my baby's somewhere safe and not alone to fend
I'll rip apart from head to toe any predator that's near

I walk into the deep dark night, ten thousand miles it seems
I will not rest until he's safe, tucked sound inside his bed
Endless possibilities swirl around, it's all inside my head
This is a nightmare, I tell myself, please wake me from my dreams

Passing animals don't startle me, as dangerous they may be
Tonight, the only true danger is a mother's desperate plea's
The wind picks up, half knocks me down, is my baby out to freeze?
If desire were enough, I'd have him here, held endlessly with glee

The path I walked has come to end, circled back around
I check my phone, the thousandth time, waiting for the call
No messages, no sign from him, neither big or small
My street sign stands pathetically, slanted halfway to the ground

The night is through, it's to the end, the sunrise peeking through
Just as my house comes into view, a shape forms before my eyes
Could it be, my baby boy, the answer to my cries?
It is my boy, my sweet sound boy, I can't believe it's true!

I run and grab him desperately, questions pouring out in three's
His bright blue eyes, so innocent, stare back and even squint
"I was looking for daddy in heaven," he says giving me the hint
I hug my baby, hold him tight, his words wrap my heart and squeeze

Daddy's with you each and every day, away he'll never stray
When you miss him, dear, close your eyes, he's closer than you think
Want to see him? Find a mirror, look hard and don't you blink
Your father lives inside of you, I see him more each day

I pull him close, won't dare let go and point up to the sky
Shades of pink and purple fill the scene, art is up above
I can finally breathe, relax a bit, my heart is filled with love
My boy is safe at home with me, tears of joy I'm left to cry

I would like to mention that this is a work of fiction.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2177948