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by Gita
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My view on the effects of luck and the lack of luck thereof on people's lives

I believe that luck or the lack of it plays a huge part in everyone's life. It begins with our conception; no, actually even before. Consider the male and female who made us as well as their parents and ancestors and the history of the world and of the universe. We are only in this universe by chance. We were lucky/unlucky to have a chance at life. And all through our lives luck is or isn't with us. Some are unlucky from the beginning; others lucky from the beginning; everyone is at the mercy of the vicissitudes of luck or lack thereof.

Examples of luckiness and unluckiness

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time
Being in the right place at the right time (had to take a later plan than the one you had originally booked, the one that crashed.)
Illness and health - yourself or family or friend
Having friends, family, community or lack of same.
Those who betray you or those that give you extra support when you most need it
Unfortunate acts of nature (hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, drought)
Fortunate acts of nature ( just the right amount of rain, sunshine and water for consumption and cleaning and hydro-electrics or fossil fuel or wind etc. for electricity)
Having a good/bad government, boss, teacher
Being able/unable to judge the right life-partner and also the partner having the ability to judge
Making bad mistakes
Not making bad mistakes
One's financial circumstances can be good, mediocre or bad and can change drastically
Bad luck in having a deformed baby
Having miraculous luck in having a healthy one
Safety in water as opposed to a rip-tide or shark, or seaweed catching your foot
A drone being sucked into the engine of the aeroplane you're in
A loyal worker or one that steals from you, or worse
Being white in South Africa in apartheid days was an unfairly advantageous to the whites. They didn't have to pay
The above may seem obvious to the reader and there are many other examples.
Furthermore, different/additional things probably apply in different cultures and countries.

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