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A little story of a womans life being saved let me know what you think
Paris took a sip of her wine enjoying the warmth of the fireplace from her couch. She glanced at the clock. 5.15 it read. Her husband would be home soon. She ran her hand through her long blonde locks and caught a glimpse of his cologne on her. Goosebumps covered her, and she felt her heart flutter. She sinks into her chair more letting her mind wander to him... her love. She took in the warmth of the fireplace wishing he was here with her. Paris could not get the image out of her head. His lips on hers... feeling his warmth. The one she had always desired. Not her husband.

The guilt washed over her as she felt her stomach churn. She had betrayed her husband with the man she had always truly loved. She let the worries fill her mind and her eyes quickly filled with tears.

Paris had met Michael through her church. She had felt an instant attraction to him when she first saw him. She had approached him with her husband James by her side and introduced herself. 'welcome to the church, we hope you will be coming back too' She smiled politely at him with a shyness in her eyes. Michael smiled back at her. And at that moment they had felt it. The chemistry between them. James had pretended he hadn't noticed it. But he had. He had shrugged it off and wrapped his arm around his wife, smiling at Michael.

A knock on the door quickly pulls her out of her thoughts. Upon answering the door Paris is taken aback by a rather large man dressed in a suit.
'Miss Dome' He said before taking a deep breath. His voice was deep with a jersey twang. My name is Detective Alex Selene, I`ve been sent to take you into safe house. He pulled out his badge. 'Your friend Michael is currently being held captive by your husband. The police are doing everything they can, but we do not have his location and you are not safe here. '

Earlier that day
James pulled into the driveway and parked next to the unfamiliar car in his driveway. His stomach dropped as he glanced over at the car. It dawned upon him. He knew who`s it was. It was his so-called friend from the Church. He had always suspected Paris fancied Michael, but he never imagined this. He sat in silence glaring at nothing. 'I forgot the milk.' He thought to himself and swiftly pulled out of the driveway.

Paris felt her heart begin to race. 'Is this some kind of joke!!' She yelled at him. She could hear the fear in her own voice. She felt insecure and vulnerable. Paris was merely 5 ft 3 and petite. She felt intimidated by the 6 foot something man who stood at her.
'You really must leave, and I can help you'

The car ride was filled with a loud silence. 'where are we going?' She asked her voice breaking. 'It would be best to get you out of the city for now. You can stay at a safe house on the other side of town' She glanced over at Alex. He ran a hand through his hazelnut hair. She hadn`t noticed before how handsome he was. But he did have a faint smell of cigarettes, which Paris despised. There was something else though. His energy was different to any thing she had ever felt before. She felt a wave of calm wash over her.

The drive was long and quiet. Although Alex tried to make conversation with Paris, she couldn't help but keep her guard up. When they finally arrived at the safe house Alex helped Paris with her belongings and suggested he go and get groceries. Paris looked up at the house. It was a lovely older cottage style home. White picket fence and everything. Although the gardens hadn't been looked after. But Paris got an odd feeling wash over her. She couldn't explain it, but something just didn't feel right.

Paris sat stiffly in the loungeroom. She glanced around the room noticing how all the furniture had a layer of dust. It looked as if the house hadn't been occupied in years. As Paris was scanning the room her eyes stopped on the hallway table. There were photos. Hesitantly she walked over to see these photos, for something had caught her curiosity. Three large silver photo frames sat on that hallway table. She picked one up, wiping it clear of dust to reveal a man that looked striking like Alex with his hand wrapped around a woman. Only he looked a little younger and the photo looked to be an old one. Paris frowned. The way they were dressed it almost looked to be from the fifties.

Paris gasped and jumped as she heard the front door open and turned to see Alex standing in the doorway. Alex stood stiffly holding the grocery bags, he observed what she was holding. He could see the confusion on Paris`s face.
'umm...is this you?' She asked him, feeling embarrassed as the words came out. What a question to ask. It`s impossible this man could be Alex. But why were there such old photos displayed? And why was everything covered in a thick layer of dust. That's when Paris started to notice the old-fashioned furniture. There was even wallpaper.

Alex hesitated to answer. Paris frowned at him as she watched him struggle to find his words. I'll leave these here for you.' He replied placing the groceries on the floor. Please stay here for a couple more days and ring this number if you need anything. The police have your number, so they will be in contact. And with that he left swiftly out the door closing it behind him.
'Huh??' Wait where are you going!! She exclaimed. She ran out the door and down the stairs to catch him, but he was gone. And his car was gone too. In her confused state she ran back up the stairs and called the number he had given her. She stood in the hallway feeling like the phone was ringing forever. Her heart and mind racing.

Hello this is detective Alice Shalin, how can I help?' 'uhm...' Paris went on to explain everything that had happened and question Detective Alex`s legitimacy.
'Miss, we have been trying to contact you. We thought James had taken you as well. But I am not sure what you mean by this safe house and there is no Detective Alex Selene working here. I will check if he is from another station but it`s very unlikely. We are sending someone to collect you now. Your husband has been arrested and Michael is safe now and so are you.

Paris hung up the phone and she felt her hand started to shake and her heart began to race. She slowly sat down on the cold floor and allowed her mind to race with thoughts. My husbands been arrested. Michael is okay. Who was the man who brought me here? Who is the man in the old photos? Who does this house belong to?

When the detective arrived, he brought a sense of concern. He walked around the apartment. Very quietly not saying a word. He stopped and picked up one of the photographs from the hallway table.
He walked over to Paris and motioned for her to take a seat. Miss Malone, the detective you named and described to my colleague.... he died quite some time ago. And this was his apartment...

That day Paris had met her Guardian Angel. James had planned to kidnap and murder Paris that very day, but she was saved.

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