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by vapid
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preaching god, words are strong but some are corrupt, evil and wrong.
Happiness come in all shapes and forms,
sometimes from within or from shapes with robes adorned,
but don't let your passion cause a storm
don't let your love twist to hatred and become deformed.

Protect the children avert thou eyes,
the coddled generation will become the lords of the flies,
basing ethics on an outdated book,
I wonder how you all justify the unbeatable battles and how they look.

Belial's' diary needs to be read,
and didn't angels paint the town red?
Your world is filled with blood and war,
do you even know what you're fighting for?
Dante's inferno, my own little ring,
the flames may burn but ignorance stings.
So explain your point, make it clear,
will I burned at the stake for your irrational fear?

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