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An eerie set of twins.
Contest: Screams!!!
Prompt: creepy twins
Word Count: 542

Mrs. Klondine wiped her groggy eyes and shuffled down the stairs to answer the door. "Why can't these parents wait until morning to abandon their children. Always knocking on the door at ungodly hours, like people are nocturnal or something." She grumbled under her breath. Ray Montgomery, a social worker, had two more children for Mrs. Klondine- twins. The twin girls wore navy blue vintage 1930's style dresses with bonnets tied below their chin. Their heads were hung low and their eyes filled with an endless depth of sorrow, so it seemed to Mrs. Klondine. She slumped her shoulders as her frustration rushed out of her as she exhaled.

"Hello, girls what are your names, and how are old are you?" Mrs. Klondine was really scanning their mental state. No words, just silent tears under lowered heads. "It's ok girls go into the living room, while I speak to Mr. Montgomery, ok?" Mrs. Klondine held out her hand and stepped aside, shaking her head as they walked by painstakingly slow. When Mrs. Klondine knew they were out of earshot she looked back at Mr. Montgomery with a list full of questions. The question that weighed on her mind most though, was their parents. Ray took off his hat, pulled his short curly hair back with his hand, and put his hat back on.

"Well, Mrs. Klondine, it is truly sad what happened to them." Mrs. Klondine held her breath, awaiting tragic news. "Those girls were found covered in their parents blood, hiding in their parents closet this evening. Their parents had been dead about week. They haven't spoken since we found them." By this time Mrs. Klondine's eyes were swelling up to release the sadness weakening her hearts beat. "They wouldn't tell me much, all I know is they were stabbed multiple times, 40 I think the officer said."

"That is awful!" Mrs. Klondine unfolded the old handkerchief she kept in her robe pocket and wiped her eyes. "They will need lots of love, counseling, and rest before we try to find them a new family, to avoid further traumatizing." He agreed, and went home. Meanwhile, Mrs. Klondine knew she wouldn't be able to sleep, so her wheels started turning with ideas for the girls.

When she reached the threshold of the kitchen, cookies on the brain, she heard a loud whisper. She turned around and peered into the living room. Their heads still hung long, and their hands held tightly together in their laps. "Girls, did you say something?"

"Forty-seven" Mrs. Klondine, at first, was relieved she spoke, but the number sent an eerie chill jolting through her body.

"Forty-seven what darling?"

The twins slowly turned their heads sideways, still hung low, to face Mrs. Klondine, revealing ominous smiles.

"Forty-seven times."

Mrs. Klondine's heart went into hyper drive. The twins both stood up and faced Mrs. Klondine. Their heads hung low and cocked to the side. They had taken off their bonnets so thier hair laid on their faces covering all but their left eyes. Still grinning their ominous smiles. They walked in step towards her. Taking turns speaking.

"Our parents were both stabbed-"

"Forty-seven times."

"Twelve in the stomach."

"Fifteen in the chest."

"Five in the legs."

"Ten in the arms."

"Five in the face."

"It took them 2 days to die."

They both froze. They lifted their heads and stood up straight, pushing their hair behind their ears.

"May we have something to drink, please?" They recited in unison as if nothing had just transpired.

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