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by Rivin
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Chapter 9

"Hello." The boy's voice came over to mines.

"Hi. This is Rivin. The guy you just almost killed. Remember me?" I said casually, leaning back on my bedrest and relaxed myself.

Silence passed over on the other side. "I am sorry about that. However, you healed yourself in the end, so I assume there is no side effects?"

"Side effects?" A tinge of horror settled into my heart. What was he talking about?

"Nothing. It's just that I was told that Orbsic crystal inflicted wounds could not be healed, even by the powerful Raixiens. You surprised me, that's all."

Then relief came back in, and my shoulders slumped. "Ah. So there isn't anything that I should worry about."

"Why did you call? Do you have any questions? Or do you already require support from us?"

"No, not that. I simply have a few questions about you and your group." I heard loud chatter from his side of the phone, and a female voice that I assumed to be Lyla, who sounded furious at something or someone. I heard the boy trying to placate her in the background, and then foot stomping away from the phone, until all was silent.

The phone was picked back up. "Sorry, I was dealing with some... insubordination. I missed what you were trying to say a few seconds ago, care to run that by me again?"

I chuckled. "I want to know more about your group and, well, you. Your team seems to go against everything that I have been taught about the Aerilosac; that all they did was destroy and kill. This is just more of a curiosity call."

"How do you know my goal isn't to destroy and kill?"

"You didn't seem to want that. In fact, didn't you say you and your team wanted to live instead of fight? That is the reason you are planning to fight your own commander, right?"

"I suppose so. At least, that's what my team wants." I decided to get out of my bed and close the windows, the loud traffic noises distracting my thought process. "We all grew up on warships, having never experienced much in our lives as soldiers. We can be considered lucky to have been stationed under a Commander and sent down to a planet to perform scouting; most Aerilosac don't get that chance."

I looked up and checked the clock. Eleven at night. I have the time to ask.

"What was it like?" I asked. "Living on a warship?"

Silence. "I didn't like it. We were always in deep space, there was no movement, no sound. Silence was what we had most of the time, spent working to keep the Council happy. There were hardly any expeditions outside of the warship, so we spent most of our time fantasizing about the outside. So when we got the opportunity to participate in this scouting mission on Earth, I gathered my team and grabbed it."

"Sounds boring."

"It was. Coming to Earth and seeing all this life and people felt... refreshing. We landed here about two years ago, so we were all rather young, despite what the Aerilosac think of us. We wanted to see the planet, but alas, we never got that chance. We were commanded by our Commander to set up base here in New Orleans, and await further commands, nothing else. If I had the choice, I would see all of Earth."

"Me too. Daniel and Rose never really took us anywhere outside of the United States, so I guess I also want the same thing."

"To see the world."


Something dropped on the floor on the boy's end of the line, and he cursed, muttering something unintelligible as he must've leaned down to pick it up. This made me amused, and I remembered something that I wanted to ask about before, when I first met the boy. "Your English is very good, as is your team. How did you learn Earth's language in just two years?"

The boy laughed. "We might have arrived here two years ago, but our knowledge of the planet Earth transcends far longer than that. Back on the warship, we have hundreds of records about this planet and its cultures. I had the time and interest to understand the records at a young age, and the language of the Aerilosac is partially similar to the English on this planet, so learning it was easy."

I raised an eyebrow. "Really? My Corors said Raixien language was similar to this world's English as well."

"A coincidence, I think."

"Speaking of coincidences, why was Leki there in the warehouse, with the humans? We barged in expecting to interrogate a gang head, not an Aerilosac."

"He was there under my command to check out the safety of the warehouse. It was hit by someone a few days prior to your invasion, someone who stole a few thousand worth of weaponry and very, very experimental explosives." I could hear something clenching on his side, and I frowned. "Our security system was lacking, so I sent Leki to verify its safety, and to track down whoever stole those items, and preferably neutralize him. You know what I'm thinking now, after you showed yourselves?"

"I do." I sighed, remembering that look on my Other's face when he appeared in our house. "It's my Other. Roya."

"He has a name?" The boy's confusion was obvious. "I thought the Others were supposed to be-"

"A projection of the mind, but he didn't say so. He said he was real, which made sense, considering he just stole your stuff. Probably him."

"Hmm. So we have a rogue Other that looks like you, stealing from the Hounds and breaking into our compounds. I've heard about this person from one of the human gang leaders, but I never assumed it would be a Raxien. This changes things."

"How so."

"I won't lie to you. When we found the thief, we would have put him or her down, and that person will vanish from the face of this planet. You can say that I am cruel and evil, but if that person was stealing illegal weaponry in the first place, he or she might not be all that good either. If it meant my team and I could continue infiltrating the Hounds, and not get backlashed by the Commander, I would do so."

I wanted to argue against his point, but had nothing to say. His theory of the thief being bad made sense, but how about the others they have killed?

"Leki said you and your team have killed humans here for the Hounds." My tone came out lower than I thought. "Did all of them deserve it?"

"Yes." The boy did not miss a beat. "I distaste the Hounds, but as bad as they are, they deal only in weaponry and drugs, despite what the world thinks we do. Weaponry for the other gangs, and small time drugs for the locals. When we infiltrated the gang and cemented our loyalty, we killed only those that were evil in the first place. Nobody else."

"No innocents?"


I thought on his orders for a while. The boy's actions seemed justified, but I still disliked killing. Even though I had been trained to do so, it was still something I preferred to avoid at all costs.

I don't like guns. I don't like how people can die not even knowing where their killer was. I don't like how I can control people's lives with a single pull of a trigger, and the same to me. Samantha might enjoy guns, but I suppose we have our own preferences. That said, if I had the choice...

"As I was saying, your Other changes things. I suppose you and your team want to reclaim him as your own?"

"I guess." I said with uncertainty. "I don't exactly know what my Other is, and I don't know what to do once I find him."

"So your Other cannot die. That means I will have to present something else to my superiors," I almost burst out laughing as he said that with such contempt. "on Earth to hold my current position."

"Or you can, I don't know, run your own organization? You obviously have the power to do so."

"I have considered that. However, I don't want to bother leading something else other than my team. They're already annoying as it is." I laughed this time, as I heard Lyla in the background throwing something at the boy. "Always trying to kill me."

"I know how that feels."

"I'm sure you do." The boy's voice was farther this down, and I heard more laughing on the other side. I smiled.

"Hey, I actually want to ask this when we first met, but just what the hell did the Hounds do to anger my Other so much?"

"I don't know. Honestly." The boy yelled into the phone this time. "I have to deal with insubordination now, so I gotta go. Any last questions?"

I smirked. "Yeah. What's your name?"

Somebody walked into the room on their side. "What the hell is going on in here?" Leki's voice boomed, and Lyla shouted something back at him. I could hear the boy's sigh.

"My name is Losar. Pleased to meet you."


Then I clicked off the line.

Daniel stepped back into the hotel room silently, a bag of groceries in one hand. He looked at me smirking on the bed with my phone in hand, and he grinned. "You talking to a girl?"

"No," I stood up and headed towards the bathroom. "Just talked to someone I didn't think I would ever enjoy talking to."

[Hello to all the readers! If you've read all the chapters until this one, then I thank you for your dedication to this series! Now, due to very tight time constraints, it is very hard for me to get chapters out as soon as possible, and this chapter was meant to be a passing between our main protagonist, Rivin, and the newest character: Losar.

The next chapter will feature the story from Losar's point of view, and his side of the story will be a regular part of the series until... well, the very end. The golden haired boy and his team is an essential part of the Terror Chronicles in all 7 books, and I hope you all enjoy the POV changes that will occur for the next few chapters...

Some might wonder: Why did I put Spiritual as one of the tags in these chapters? For now, I can see how spiritually lacking it may be, but as the story progresses, this series will become my take on the meaning of life, as well as the debates of morality and judgement. This becomes especially prevalent in my later books, when everything starts going godsend and crazy. So for those who wonder 'Where's the spirituality?' don't worry, it'll be there soon.

For now, enjoy the nae banter and small time action of the cast. The good things will come.]

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