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a short story based on a walk I had
I was all of a sudden in a chaotic place where a storm raged in my heart. I decided to take a walk where the elder trees are. I call them elder because they are old, big and tall. They seem to know everything and their branches reach one another from across the street. When there is wind, it looks as though they are talking and shaking hands with each other.

I walk among them and I begin to remember who I am. They welcome me into their realm of mystery and magic, where present, future and past are one and the same. Their warm energies embrace me and protects me inside the dome its branches and leaves create. I look up at them and see sparkling light peeking through the cracks. The sky is like lightning in a pile of scattered green leaves. They move quietly rocking my eye sight and mind, soothing my pain.

The trees remind me that it's ok to be me and not to be afraid. As I walk, I gently touch each of them like a greeting or an affectionate caress. I feel the comfort and care they wish to share with me. They send me strength and courage to continue on in a world that's not accustomed to people like me.

The trees speak in a language that no one can hear with their ears. They speak with movements, feelings and quietness. They enhance the intuition, the inspiration and everything that is asleep within. They are the essence of life. The endless source of everything. The ancestors we should be looking forward to be.

I want it all to be quiet like the trees. I want to stand still, firmly rooted in the ground. I want to be invisible and visible at the same time. Invisible to most of the world and visible to those worthy of seeing me.
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