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Lost and Found

James had been retired long enough now to know it was not his cup of tea. He felt like he’d lost his purpose.

Sitting on his front porch, brooding, he saw a boy walking by. Just as the boy passed, something fell from his backpack. James called out, “Boy! You dropped something!” The boy looked up questioningly. “Something fell off your pack.” James pointed.

The boy looked back, then turned to pick something up. He looked like the boy next door, though James had never seen him much. He should be about ten now, James thought. “You’re Andy? You live next door, right?” he said.

The boy looked up, “I used to.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m leaving.”

“Where you going?”

“I don’t know, somewhere else.”

Just then the woman next door ran out. “Andy! Come back!” she shouted, “I tried to get the day off tomorrow for that movie, I promise. I just couldn’t,” then she started crying.

Andy suddenly looked embarrassed, “I’m sorry Mum. I won’t go. I was just angry, I’m fine now. Let’s go home,” he ran and hugged his mother.

James suddenly remembered he’d heard her husband had left them. He hadn’t paid much attention, being busy with work, but lately he’d noticed the house was looking a little shabby. Suddenly the idea of a mother coping with an absent husband, a ten-year-old, and having to work. How had he been so blind? He stood up.

“Mrs. Green? Sandra! Couldn’t help overhearing about a movie? I was thinking of going to the movies tomorrow, why don’t I take Andy?”

The relief on her face told the whole story.

As James sat through Sergeant Arm Pit and the Slizzerines (enjoying every minute, by the way) he felt he’d finally found a new purpose in his life.
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