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This is a crappy work in progress :3
Chapter One

Sweat ran down my face as the images flashed in my brain.A single tear dripped down my cheek and my body was shaking.How could my brain think of such a vile thing? My room was dimly lit with only the single lamp post was shining into my window. I could hear the distant sound of teenagers laughing and talking.The cold clicks of rain hit the roof as the teenager screamed and laughed.Why were they out so late?I tried to recollect my thoughts as my eyes got heavier and heavier I drowsily looked at my alarm clock as it showed me the letters 3:00.As I groaned at the thought of going to sleep and seeing that horrible dream again.
All I saw was black.Oh no.It was the dream again.My heart was pounding in my chest as if a hammer was hitting it over and over again.I knew what would happen next
My hair stood up on the back of my neck
"Elisa......don't run my dear...."
The voice was masculine and although it was a sweet voice it had something about it that was cold and creepy.This is the part where it got too far for me.Just like before a cold hand touched my shoulder as a shiver went down my spine.As I looked before me I was not surprised. A boy stood behind me with pale skin that was cracked and flaky. His eyes were gone and maggots replaced them. The smell of his rotting skin was filling my nose as I stood n fair.He was wearing a white shirt and shorts covered in dried out blood,dirt and grass stains.He was wearing socks that were ripped like his dress and he was only wearing one shoe.His nails were gone and he had a psychotic look on his face. I didn't know what to expect next as last time I had awaken after seeing him...what was that things name? Did it have a name?Was it even human?I couldn't stand looking at the..the..thing so I ran..Were was I running exactly? All I could see was darkness...darkness....darkness..wait what was that? Up ahead I could vaguely make out an outline to a forest..What was a forest doing in this void?I didn't care I just sprinted to the opening of the forest. As the branches slapped my face and the leaves laying on the forest floor crunched as my feet made contact with it. As I was running a root tripped me and set me flying into a tree as I got up I had a quick glance behind me....w..were was he? I looked around,checking everywhere to make sure he was no longer following me. As I let out a sigh of relief and started to get exited...the voice that sounded all to familiar let out that all to familiar sentence
"Elisaa.....don't run my dear"
As I turned around hastily I was only meet with the rotten face of the thing...its breath cold and without life...that's when I heard the beeping

Chapter 2
As the warm sun shone through my window and my alarm clock made its annoying beeping sound I could only think of that..that...thing...what was it exactly? I looked as if it was a zombie...so was that just what it was? As I lazily turned off my alarm and got dressed, the dream started to fade away as all dreams did. My heart started to return to its original pace as the thought of the dream fading away . As I put my homework in my bag my sister, Aaliyah, yelled from her room
"Elisa? Did you get everything for senior year??"
"Jeez, just shut up ok? I just want to relax! Now get off my case and go bug mum or dad"
As my sister quickly went to find my mother to complain about me,I got dressed trying to keep the twisted image of the thing to tell to my best friend. As i went down the stairs,my headphones blasting 'Freeze your brain'
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