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The youngest finds way to redeem himself at the end by ending and saving a life.
Redemption of Darryl's Shadow by Ironworker AKA Dayna

Leonard was no good, her mother always said this, but Marva only saw his chiseled looks and dark skin. She forgave all his ills in exchange for how he made her feel. Then after years of contemptuous actions against her, they had, 'The fight'.
She said. “You can't leave me. I've given you everything!”
“Get off me!” he snarled, and sent her to the floor. She uncoiled from the blow and reached out for his legs as he turn to the door.
“You've given me nothing... get off me.” He bellowed. Then he yanked her up by her hair and drug her through the hall door, still yelling. Instinctively she hung awkwardly onto his arms as he dragged her to the stairs. The door of the boys room opened and with stunned looks on their faces watched as their father, with a gleam in his eye, tossed their mother over the handrail of the stairwell, then smiled back at them. Her two boys, then 8 and 17, both went to her aide that night. The oldest was rendered unconscious with a single blow and the youngest he beat by belt into submission.

He then, stood mid the stairs, lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag, over the carnage, pleased with the moment and walked out the door.

Marva broken, eventually recovered. There would be no new men in Marva's life. Darryl the oldest 19 was never the same again. –just angry.

Sitting before a counselor when she asked “Why are you so angry?”
Darryl's eyes grew squint and his jaws tightened. “You always want to act innocent.”
Marva pursed her lips and turning to the counselor, “I'm sorry, but we'll be going home now.”

Jimmy the youngest was good in school but slow in Darryl's eyes. Darryl saw that if they were going to realize any of their dreams,–his dreams. he'd have to take charge.

Their mother grew weaker with the years. Darryl had gotten a good job, and provided her money. He told everyone he was a Wall Street associate. His mother was proud of him. All was well for awhile, until....

Darryl took Jamie to a fancy restaurant.
“Congratulations Jimmy you're done with school.”, he said.
I've got something special for you." And as if on cue the waiter brought over a small box, placed it in front of Jimmy. Upon opening it he stared, mouth open.
"That's 5Gs. Work with me, and you'll make more just like it."
What have I got to do? Jimmy asked.
"I'll teach you everything you'll need to know. But first eat."
As, the food arrived. Jimmy glance toward the restaurant doors saddly, thinking of his mother.
“I know, I wish she could be here too.” said Darryl
They ate and when finished as they were leaving Darryl asked, “You picked up mom's med's?”
“Yeah”, and handed them to him.”

Afterward they visited their mother.

Marva groaned, enduring a stomach pain which began days earlier. Darryl immediately went to prepare her a dose of the medicine he had ordered. Darryl returned to their mothers side and handed it to Jimmy to administer.
“You boys are my angels, what would I do without you?” They then helped her down the long hall to her bed.
“I'll come by and check on you later Ma.” said Jimmy.

And I know you're tired but I wanted to tell you Darryl and I were going to work together. He got me a job. Now both of us can really help out.
Marva smiled at him and pulled him into a hug and as Jimmy was in her embrace her eyes dashed over to Darryl, who immediately lowered his eyes.
“I feel like another cup of tea. Jimmy do you mind could you bring me a cup of tea with some lemon on the side.” “Yeah sure ma. I'll be right back.” Marva smiling as he left the room. There was silence as Marva and Darryl both waited to hear Jimmy in the kitchen.
The smile she had for Jimmy instantly disappeared.
“Don't ma me. What did he mean, he's working with you?” She coughs.
“Ma I'm just trying to get him started. It's a tough world out here.” Pointing to either side.
She said in a restraint voice, started, started into a criminal life like yours? When you told me you were a Wall Street associate I should have known better .

Ma, I'm good at what I do!
Marva cut her eyes across him,
“Until you're caught or killed. You told me you were quitting.”
Darryl sweeps the room with his eyes as if to find an answer on the walls, “It's not that…” as his mother storms over him with her heartbroken tirade.
“Killing for a living. What happened to you son?” Darryl looked away as she spoke.
Then said with a deep breath, “I Just can't walk away right now, you don't understand.”
“You're right, I don't. but you'd do this to your brother?.
“Why? He looks up to you. I love you Darryl, but I'm not letting you do this.” Marva grew angrier, coughing again.
“OK mom, I'll fix this” he said. “I'll take care of it.” They both heard Jimmy coming down the hall and quieted as he approached.
“I'll take care of it… today.” As Jimmy entered and set the cup down.
She smiled at Jimmy saying to Darryl, “You better, or I will.”
Darryl said under his breath. “I heard you ma, and I said I'll handle it.” Jimmy came innocently in, “Can I help?”
“No little brother this is something I've got to do. Let's go I need to get back to work. I have to talk to you on the way."
Marva begin to drink her tea as they left.
Once outside.
“So what did you guys get into,?” asked Jimmy.
Without even pausing he said “Oh, I forgot to take care of some tax papers. I'll take care of it. “I upset her. My fault. But the good news is we've got a job to do in a couple of days.”
“Cool.” Jimmy says.
Darryl told him “you will be driving.” and a couple of days later jimmy found himself at midnight in a black SUV. Nervous, He sat quiet, hands sweating, outside an exclusive residence waiting for his brothers' return.
Minutes later Darryl jumped in with folders in his hands saying, “Drive”.
"That's it", ask Jimmy?
"Yeah Jimmy. That's all I do for the most part."
"I can do this." Jimmy says.
Darryl asks, "No other questions?".
Jamie continues to drive and answers, “Well I'm not stupid. No one pays five grand to have mail picked up in the middle of the night, so I figure, you're doing a little more. Am I on a close page."
Darryl took this as a good sign of few future problems, smiles and says “Let me know if and when you want to be brought up to the same page.

Several days later. Jimmy relaxed and was feeling a new sense of independence, tried to call his mother. After a few rings, he realized it was late, Ma was probably preparing for a bed. He'd call in the morning.

At their mothers house, Marva was not feeling well. Her coughing was increasing making breathing harder. she called Jimmy but couldn't reach him. So She called Darryl who came over that night. Marva already in bed said "Come in, pull up the chair. You sit there" she said. “Why can't you look at me? Look at me…" she coughs. "And where is Jimmy?"
"He's OK and safe Ma".
"This pain in my stomach has gotten worse." She cries out in pain. With her arms out reached and eyes squinted As she opened her eyes again she saw that he had not moved to help her. That's when she noticed he had put on gloves. “No Darryl no, how could you?” Tears filled her eyes soon she could no longer hold her self up and she fell back onto her pillow. Then she couldn't speak anymore.
She cried quietly as Darryl talks. “I'm so sorry mom that things have had to go this way. But you wouldn't come around to understand.”
He looks at his watch and told her, "I had a chemist add a strong painkiller. We should have at least 10 minutes." Marva's eyes fixed on the blood of her blood.
"So you see, I couldn't have you turning Jimmy away from me, Ma."
He repositioned her head. "And yes I did fix it so you couldn't call him this week and he couldn't call you. But don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of all the arrangements." And with her last breath he looked her in the face closely in a morbid attempt of getting her attention and said, you realize "I'm doing this because I love you." She was silent now. And he only needed to make sure he left no clues behind.

Marva was laid to rest five days later with none the wiser.

All plans seem to be going well Darryl thought. "Do you want to step up to the next level little brother?"
Jimmy looked up at him. "Yeah!".
"OK, we'll begin with some training.
Alright. Jimmy smiled.

A year had passed. Jimmy learned the craft. Now they would get bigger jobs and all seemed perfect. But Jimmy after his first kill remember the words of his mother. Jimmy couldn't sleep that night for seeing his face. It became a month long nightmare.
It was nearly Christmas when Darryl called, “We've another job.”
“I love you brother but, I don't think I can do this.” jimmy said.
There was a long silence. Then Darryl said, “You grab a hold of your balls and just be there” and hung up. Jimmy silent most of the night spoke up. I need to get out., I am…”
Darryl cut him off, “Just how do you think you're going to get away, you've killed 2 people.”
Jimmy winced, 2? He rebutted to himself, I've killed one.
“There's just one.” Jimmy said.
Darryl turn to him calm saying, "Remember the medicine I had you administer to our mother."
Jimmy's eyes widened, “What? What did you do?”.
He cringed. “You... killed our mother?”
“AY ay, you had a hand in it too. "
“But, I didn't, know….”
“Do you think a jury's going to care, Darryl laughed.” They arrived at the job. “Come on it's a simple job. Let's get it done.”
But as soon as Jimmy knew the house was cleared, He went to the target room. He found his brother talking to the woman who's throat he just slit. He looked up and smiled at Jimmy and said “Come in.”
Then Jimmy looked around quickly, and asked I thought two were to be done here.
Darryl said, “There are.” For a moment Jimmy thought it was him, but the thought was broken when the child began to cry in the next room. Darryl pointed with the gun. “I left the baby for you. Go on, kill it.” and laughed. As Jimmy entered he saw himself in a mirror that hung behind the crib. He saw a man he didn't know standing over a sleeping child with a gun. Jimmy hearing Darryl's approach and decides. Jimmy drew his weapon and put three bullets into his brothers head, saying “The last one was for mom.
Turning around he settled the child smiling into his face, and said, “Come, little brother. It's just you and me from now on”.

Word count: 1999
© Copyright 2018 Ironworker (ironworker156 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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