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by Lou123
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A short poem about dealing with anxiety
Terror seeping through my veins, invading the deepest part of my conscience.
Feeling so much and nothing at all, my mind is held hostage.
Walking in circles with limbs unstable and smiling to cheerful faces,
a smile kindled by the desperate need to seem sound and joyful.
Behind the smile, the lips are straining to uphold a happy countenance.
The eyes are lit but heavy with fatigue from nights of sleepless torment.
This torture has a name but no physical appearance,
It enters a being through the mind and inhibits its chambers entirely.
Yet it lives and thrives and grows each day, until I lose myself more each time.
Unmoving, not breathing the symptoms are real, are unyielding.
Drowning in darkness all-consuming,
my physical being held captive by this deep rooted sense of fear.
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