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A selfish boy on a date with a sweet girl leads to a dark ending. A 299 word story.
A car parks by the lake around 9 pm.
“I don’t usually go so far from a public place on a first date, I just feel so comfortable with you”
Lilly, a timid sweet young girl says as she hides behind her long brown hair. Kevin is a charming young man who is very experienced with women and has taken a selfish interest in the inexperienced girl.
“It warms my heart to know that you feel at ease with me beautiful” he says flashing her a perfect white smile.
Her eyes dart nervously out the window “it's such a lovely night.”
“Not nearly as gorgeous as you, growing even more perfect when you smile.”
Lilly giggles, starting to blush “I bet you say that to all the girls.”
“No really you are so beautiful, Aphrodite herself pales in comparison” he holds her hand as she leans in closer.
She is blushing brightly and staring deep into his eyes. “Wow” she mutters as he leans in and kisses her gently. Lilly pulls back a little breathing heavy.
“What’s wrong beautiful? You aren’t scared, are you?” He brushes the hair from her face.
“No of course not, it actually feels so right” she says tenderly.
Kevin smiles and leans in very close whispering “good, then kiss me”. They kiss again more intimately.
Lilly begins to kiss his neck as he caresses her body. She whispers in his ear “you smell so good.”
“Mmm yeah so do you baby.”
She goes back to kissing his neck and growls the words “good enough to eat” and then instantly bares her fangs and sinks them into his tender neck. He screams and tries to free himself for a moment before he loses consciousness. Lilly continues drinking every last drop of his blood in absolute delight.
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