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I yawned and reclined against the creaking bench.

‘So, what’s up?’ I asked the blond-haired girl sitting next to me. 'Our first class is at two. Why’d you want to meet up this early?’

She hummed happily and pulled out a few sheets of paper from her backpack.

‘Alex? What’s that?’

Alex cleared her throat and began to read the first sheet with an excited expression.

‘“With the sun on his broad back and the wind in his perfect hair, he took a stance.”’

I frowned. Was this her piece for the writing exam?

She continued. ‘“Rippling muscles glistening with the sweat of his labours as he flowed through practiced movements.”’

I cringed a little. The muscles part was a bit much, but I decided to listen to the end.

‘“Preceded by a rustling in the bushes, she appeared. His other half. The light of his dark and dreary world. Her perfect face was distorted with grief.”’

Oh? A romance story? I was glad she was stepping out of her comfort zone.

‘"Surprise coloured the man’s face as he spoke. “Alexia? What are you doing here? This is our family’s territory! If my father finds you here…!” The woman collapsed into his arms and sobbed. “I had no choice, Josia! I could not be apart from you for much longer!”’

Frowning, I thought for a moment. This story was awfully familiar. Where had I…Oh. Oh. My face burned.

‘No…’ I murmured. ‘No, no, no…’

It was all coming back to me. The shame of my high school career.

Alexia, no, Alex, looked at me with eyes of pity and handed me the USB I lent her. ‘I couldn’t remember where I saved my essay, so I was looking in all the folders and…yeah.’

This isn’t happening. This cannot be happening.

‘So, listen,’ Alex began. ‘Is Alexia based on- ‘

‘She’s not!’

I denied it with everything I had. Alex didn't buy it.

‘I mean our names are really-‘

‘Coincidence! That’s all!’

I couldn’t look her in the eye.

‘Right. I understand,’ Alexis said with an impossibly large grin. ‘So, about this Josia character then.’

I buried my face in my hands and groaned.

I knew what was coming.

‘His name’s really similar to “Joshua” don’t you think?’

I stood abruptly, turned my back to her…and ran away with all my might.

‘Wait! Josh, no, Josia! Come back!’ Alex laughed. ‘There’s still twelve more pages!’

I missed my class that afternoon.

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