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Countries and people must figure out what will happen in the future in the year 4080.
The program CSFO, or the Country Science Findings Organization was an organization founded in the year 3240, by a woman named Scarlett Sutterfield. Scarlett was a fan of geography and always had a feeling that there were more countries left to discover. Her organization was founded to find other countries, because when there was North America, Latin America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia there were also many unknown countries. These unknown countries, so far, were Artlantica, Lakenomd, and Deanomd. However, the first country that was found by the CSFO was found 782 years after being created. For the organization to become what it is today, it took about 300 of those 782 years. Who knew that it would take so long for an unknown piece of land to be discovered. But enough of the CSFO, let’s learn about the three new countries of the Earth. Instead of the mini countries such as states, provinces, and metropolis’, in these three countries they were called economies, and the people were known as economanias as a whole, because they are from the future. Besides being a economania, certain individuals were part of the nerdical generation. By nerdical, it means a futuristic stereotype, if you will. The most useful of the nerdical generation were the Roboticists, Nuclears, and the Historians. In 2017, they were called engineers, chemists, and archeologists respectively. So now that we have that covered let’s get on to learning about the three new countries.
Introducing the newest country founded by the CSFO, Artlantica. Artlantica is a country in futuristic 4080, founded in 4056. Artlantica is all about technological advances, so many technological advances have been made since 2017, which were even better than flying cars, transportation tubes, the newest smartphone, self-driving cars, computers, 3D printing, and many more 21st century; creations, thoughts, and ideas. The economanias of Artlantica would say their economy is all great and one of the best democracy-ran countries in true history just because they were the newer country and the others were older and should not even be the best anymore.. Even the countries that surrounded Artlantica that had been attacked many times but stayed strong and loyal to Artlantica agreed, though they are a little stuck up sometimes. Artlantica represented “art,” but the economanias as a country thought they were only seen perfect by other countries, not by themselves, because Artlantica was only another United States of America, but of the future, and worse. Economanias that lived in Artlantica worshipped all forms of art, because art was their economy. Their country was built up by fiction!
New technology had been created, so every technological item created in the 21st Century was destroyed, nothing but scrap metal and glass remained under the new land, that was created for the future. Now the new creation was still under works, scientists and engineers, now called roboticists and nuclears, worked until they could not move, because they were so tired from fixing and testing the new tech, and robots had been extinct for thousands of years because they needed new tech to survive on the new countries. Roboticists and Nuclears were the only economanias that knew what it would be called!
Lakenomd represented “diamonds or peace,” not a very evil name, because they were not, they were a perfect country, but the economanias thought that they were only seen perfect by themselves. Their history consequently collided with the country of England, but of the future, and better. Deanomd represented “death,” opposite of their twin Lakenomd, because they were evil, wanting to be the superior, “perfect” country other countries saw of Artlantica. But if death is all they believe is right, they will be the only country left in the universe. Their history coincides with the history of Germany, but of the future, and way worse. It would not be surprising if another World World was about to occur!
Many unknown countries wanted to be known, deciding that they should start plots of revenge, victory, and cowardness. The countries that ran off of those ideas were the unknown countries of Lakenomd and Deanomd, but mainly Deanomd, who were two twin countries of opposites. They believed in revenge which equalled victory and peace, but without revenge they equalled cowardness. These countries were the ones that took out the United States of America, England, and Germany and decided that they would replace them. So since Artlantica, the perfect country, was full of peace, the Nomd and Misel economanias believed they were peaceful, artistic cowards and decided that the plots would be against Artlantica. So, they even planned the end of the world!
Lakenomd was a also a country in futuristic 4080, but was founded in 4022. Lakenomd was one of the older countries founded by the CSFO. This country was mainly founded under a deadline along with Deanomd, because the organization had timelines and deadlines for finding new countries, this is kind of dumb because nobody finds new things like countries in a day or two. This country was one of the countries that were going to take over the world. Also this country was all about jewelry advances and creations, so many jewelry creations had been found since 2017, which were even nicer than gold, amethyst, silver, turquoise, opal, ruby, cubic zirconia, and many other gems.
Deanomd was another country in the futuristic 4080, also founded in 4022. Deanomd was another older country founded by the CSFO. Deanomd like Lakenomd was founded under a deadline, and they are close to each other, founded on the same day and became twin countries. This country was all about military advances, so many creatures/econimanias had died on this country because of their cruelty. New military advances also had been made since 2017, better than tanks, flying jets, and many other 21st century military machinery, giving Deanomd more power to destroy other countries. Deanomd was also a country that was going to take over but they were determined to be the only country left.
In these countries writing (writing stories, and other works of literature) was no longer in existence, every living creature (other than the roboticists and nuclears) had no original ideas anymore. Their ancestors had taught them that ideas were a weakness, and only idiots had them. Roboticists and nuclears were the only economanias who were not called idiots. Because writing was not taught anymore, everyone only learned the basics of life, like how to live normally, nothing about the past was ever taught. Only a few knew about history, roboticists and nuclears knew of course, but these economanias knew because they were scientists, they had to keep inventing new tech. Mainly the economanias that knew were the Historians, the seekers of past knowledge, and learners of everything that walked on the face of the world.
Also, there were some of the nerdical genes, they were the weirdos and the ones who were the smartest. These nerdicals are introverts that studied 28/8, because they wanted to know everything and experiment. Times since the 21st Century changed also, now there were 8 days and 28 hours. Roboticists, Nuclears and Historians were branches of the nerdicals, only excelling in science, engineering, math, and history, nerdicals excelled in everything that was even created. Nerdicals were only friends with Nerdicals, Historians were only friends with Historians, Roboticists were only friends with the Roboticists, and nuclearss were only friends with nuclears, except when they worked together!
Normal economanias or Artlanticans, and Nomds, only knew how to raise up a family, and do certain jobs for a living, such as cleaning their island, or baking and cooking, nothing else. Also, so they would not have to do any math they had many containers that were measured already for them by the nerdicals. The economanias of each country let the generations of nerds to do all of the research and experimenting, because they would not even know where to begin. So they just minded their own business and lived their life by the Compact of the CSFO. The compact was a list of the rules that they worked and lived by.
All of the economanias worked hard to live perfect lives by the compact because they did not know what the consequences would be if they did not follow the compact. Because of the compact the fighting countries were kind of sad, because their intelligence was that of a elementary student, but with adulthood knowledge of how a universe works. These fighting countries were mad mainly because when they receive their new tech, they would not even know how to use it so they would have to bring in an inexperienced , non-military economania to work the tech for them.
Other than the economanias from the fighting countries, the other economanias really did not care about their lack of education. As long as they knew what they were supposed to do, then they were alright. If there was anything that they needed, they asked the nerdicals, but none of the questions was about information that they were not allowed to have. The questions usually included: Can you fill my containers for me, can you help me fix something on my house, can you fix my shower, can you complete this evaluation already, so I can live in my house again, etc…?
The nerdicals were always working, their 28 hour day was separated by this schedule, Hours 1-4: Working with the Historians, Roboticists, and Nuclears, Hours 5-8: Helping the economanias with their questions and fixing their problems, Hours 9-12: Working on their own creations, Hour 13: Lunch Time, Hours 14-17: Helping the economanias with their questions and fixing their problems, Hours 18-20: Working with the Historians, Roboticists, and Nuclears, then Hours 21-28: Eight hours of something. There was never a moment that the nerdicals was not doing anything, because the economanias always needed something, even during the night they would need to ask for another favor.
The Historians were always working also, their 28 hour day was separated by this schedule, Hours 1-4: Working with the Roboticists, Nuclears, and Nerdicals, Hours 5-8: Researching history they might have missed or forgotten, Hours 9-12: Working on essays they were going to write with ideas for new history books and ideas for the Roboticists and Nuclears, Hour 13: Lunch Time, Hours 14-17: Researching history they might have missed or forgotten, Hours 18-20: Working with the Roboticists, Nuclears, and Nerdicals, Hours 21-28: Eight hours of something. There was never a moment that the historians were not doing anything, because they would always remember something that they need to research or write down.

P.S. All the words that may seem weird is what I am calling the people and countries.
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