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A 299 word story. A new years without any memories.
Everything was dark. I can hear a slow steady beeping. My eyes start to open but everything is blurry. All I can see is bright white light all around me. Though I’m able to make out voices in the distance exchanging “Happy New Year!” to one another. I look down and realize there is an IV attached to my right hand and the beeping sound is from the monitor beside my bed.
I’m in a hospital.
My breathing starts to speed up as my vision clears. There is a dark haired young man sitting in the chair across from my bed. He suddenly looks up at me and moves to my side.

“Oh my god! Honey you’re truly awake, can you hear me? Can you speak?”

My response is delayed and I stumble over the words a bit. My voice is weak and hoarse.

“I’m sorry but…. Who are you?”

A look of pain crosses his face for a moment.

“You don’t remember me?”

My head is throbbing now and I realize that I have no idea who I am. I can’t remember anything. Not my name, my birth date or my family. Nothing at all. I start muttering though I am barely able to make out clear words.

“Who am I? How did I get here? What happened? Why am I in a hospital?”

“Just breathe sweetie, I called for the doctor and I promise everything will be fine.”

I’m trying to focus on my breathing but the room is starting to spin. He takes my left hand gently.

“Slow deep breaths, I swear everything will start to make sense soon enough, and for what it's worth…happy new year my love.”

That’s the last thing I hear as the bright light fades and the darkness takes over once again.
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