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by Jayguy
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2178702
An soldier gets a cursed placed on him and has an ugly encounter with a monstrous cyclops.

“This can’t be happening!”
The frightened soldier ran through the forest at full speed, running away from the town he was supposed to protect. It was too late to save anyone and Eli couldn’t do anything to help after what had happened to him. In a matter of minutes, Mordegon’s army had laid waste to Eli’s village. He was able to get away, but not before he had a curse placed on him by a devious shaman. When the curse first hit, the invasion had just began. Eli didn’t feel anything different and just assumed the spell had failed. Instead of worrying about the shaman’s curse, he turned his attention back towards the invasion. Mordegon’s army consisted of hundreds upon hundreds of terrifying monsters, some of which Eli had never seen before.

After seeing how little chance there was of winning, Eli decided to save himself and run away. While fleeing the village, Eli had noticed something odd. It was if the forest he was running through was growing around him. Thinking back to his training, Eli remembered that shrinking over time was listed as one of the many known effects of a monster’s curse.

‘So that’s what’s going on here,’ Eli thought to himself. While he’d definitely need to find someone to remove this curse at some point, Eli could actually use this to his advantage now. Monsters would be less likely to see him at his new size, which seemed to be about six inches, and hiding would be a cinch.

‘As a matter of fact…” Eli said to himself as he eyed a structure off to the side.

Eli ran towards the rock, one that would’ve come up to at least his waist at normal size. The rock had a flat surface on the top; in fact, Eli had memories of coming to the outskirts of town to rest on this rock after a tough day of training. To see the same rock, but from such a different perspective was certainly offputting.

Eli shook the uncomfortable thoughts out of his head and snapped back to attention. There was a crack in the rock just wide enough for him to fit comfortably inside at his shrunken size. Eli shuffled his way inside the crack and thought about his situation. He decided that the best idea would be to wait for the invasion to end and for the whole ordeal to blow over. He didn’t know how long that would take but, for now, Eli felt like waiting was the best decision. Plus, the sun had gone down long ago and Eli was exhausted from the all of the battling and running he’d been doing.
It was as if the soldiers eyes closed all on their own. Before he knew it, Eli had fallen asleep.

The ground shook. And shook again. It knocked Eli out of his deep sleep and filled him with unease. Again and again, something slammed into the ground, the weight of it shaking everything around it. Eli cautiously crawled out of his hiding spot to take a look at whatever was causing the commotion.
When he stuck his head out of the crevice, he was greeted with a pair of giant feet. Blue, three plump toes on each foot, and with a jagged claw on the end of each toe, there was no doubt in Eli’s mind that the feet belonged to that of a monster. While Eli tried to get a better look at the monster without it seeing him, the monster stomped closer and closer to the rock, sending tremors with each step. Eli was confident that the monster hadn’t noticed him yet, partly because he didn’t want to imagine what would happen if it did, considering their vast size difference. Almost fully outside of his hiding spot, Eli took a better look at the monster.
The towering creature had blue skin, and a very muscular build. One could’ve mistaken it for a human if it wasn’t for a few key features. Just like the feet that Eli just saw, the creature was entirely blue, though partly covered up by a brown toga that was held on by a single strap on his right shoulder, as well as a belt around his waist. The creature had arms so long they hung down at his knees, and wide pecs to match. But, the monster’s most prominent feature was on his head. Besides the spike on its scalp and an incredible wide and toothy maw, his face was taken up by its single eye.
Of course, even a simple villager could identify a one-eyed monster. The creature that loomed over Eli was a cyclops.
The cyclops was alone, most likely tasked by Mordegon to search out any remaining humans. After a long search, he needed a place to sit and rest, like a rock with a flat top.

The cyclops lumbered towards the rock, it’s gargantuan feet leaving small craters in the ground with every step. Eli was safe from being stepped on in his hiding spot, but it didn’t keep him safe from the stench. The cyclops had clearly been traveling for a while, judging by the dirt and sweat accumulated on the rigid soles of his feet. These, combined with the natural odor of a cyclops, made for a powerful stench that Eli couldn’t escape from. With a great thud, the cyclops sat down on the rock, with one foot on either side of the crack that the soldier was hiding in.

Eli had no choice but to wait in silence as the monster got his rest, while the air was being filled with his foul aroma. Every so often the cyclops would shift his feet or stretch his legs, giving the captive soldier a good view of his incredible broad soles or colossal toes. Just the toes alone were more than half the size of Eli’s body.

Time passed. Eli couldn’t take much more of this. Sitting in a dark crack with nothing to look at but a dirty cyclops’ dirty feet. And the awful odor. It was rank, made up of extraordinary amounts of accumulated dirt and sweat from traveling across multiple landscapes on foot. It also carried an unpleasant zest to it, like it was trying to mask its intensely awful aroma with a pleasant one. After waiting for so long, Eli couldn’t wait any more. He had to take a chance, as risky as it was.

Eli dashed out of the crack in the rock. He knew that he wouldn’t cover much ground at his size but he just needed to get out of the cyclops’ sight. As he attempted his escape, he saw the monstrous feet shift as if they were closing in on him. Before Eli could react, the cyclops had moved his feet right on top of him, smothering his entire body in the bulky flesh of his sole.

Lying on his back, the giant foot pushing down on him slowly, Eli’s first instinct was to panic. A myriad of fearful thoughts rushed through his head. Did the cyclops spot him?! Did the cyclops know about him the whole time? What was he going to do with him now? Was the cyclops just going to crush Eli underneath his foot and move on? Or was there something worse in store?!

In truth, the cyclops had only accidentally shifted his foot onto the human. But now that he had him, there was nothing stopping the cyclops from having a little fun.

The cyclops feet shifted again. He was now rubbing his sole slowly against the soldier’s minuscule body. The fleshy foot grinded against Eli, covering him in the thick sweat. The overpowering musk and the intense heat all bore down on Eli. The horrid smell that overtook the atmosphere drained the energy from Eli, meaning there was nothing he could do but submit to being the cyclops’ foot toy. Every so often, the foot pushed down again and forced the intense musky aroma into Eli’s nose. The cyclops moved Eli around like his personal toy, enjoying the massage that the tiny human was unknowingly giving him. He rolled Eli from one foot to another, making sure covered every inch of his soles, drenching his body in the rancid sweat. The cyclops was dexterous, sliding Eli’s body in between each toe, at some points forcing his face into the crevice. This went on for what seemed like forever and, for Eli, the smell was only getting worse. In an attempt to escape the horrid stench, Eli made the mistake of holding his breath. It backfired on him when the foot bore down on him once again, driving the air out of his lungs and forcing the fetid air and disgusting sweat into his mouth.

After a while, the cyclops got tired of using the human as a sweat rag. The monster slowly bent down to pluck the soldier from between his toes. Eli’s view shifted as the cyclop’s meaty hand wrapped around him and he was lifted into the air. Within seconds, Eli was face-to-face with the cyclops, quivering in fear of its gigantic eye and gaping maw. The cyclops was breathing heavily. He ran his tongue over his teeth as the soldier struggled to escape in vain. He stared at Eli as if analyzing the poor, sweat-covered soldier. Much to Eli’s disdain, the cyclops just kept on staring, and staring, and staring until…

The cyclops came to a decision. Without so much as a grunt, the hand holding the tiny Eli began to move downwards, towards the top part of the cyclops’ toga. Eli struggled more than ever after realizing what the cyclops wanted with him. After being given such a nice massage, why wouldn’t the cyclops want to keep the human for himself? The cyclops used his other hand to open up his toga, made a small slit in the fabric with a claw, and placed the human inside. The cyclops closed up the toga, pressing the human into the monster’s well defined pectoral. Despite Eli’s many protests and constant struggling, the cyclops walked off with a wide grin on his devilish face. He couldn’t wait for a chance to play with his new toy soldier.
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