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Rated: 13+ · Draft · Action/Adventure · #2178715
this is Lucy's life a incomplete story the title is a work in progress.
Chapter 1
“Hi mom!” I say to her grave “I miss you and so does dad but he won’t show it.” I chuckle lightly “I wish you were here with us but I know you can’t be” I look at the watch she got me for my 13th birthday “oh no mom I need to go, dad’s probably going crazy by now.” I look back at the flowery grave and remember when she was here next to me. I shake my head “I need to forget, dad wants me to forget but ... how can I”? I ask myself. I already know I can’t forget when she was alive and that's why I go to her grave because I can’t forget.
“Hi dad” I whisper so my little sister who doesn't hear me. My dad’s sitting in his favorite chair I think of when I was younger and an only child with … mom. I can’t cry so I remember more like when we went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I love where I live but it is not the same without mom here. I remember what she always said to me
“I know it’s sad but when people or animals die they go into heaven and change to live a happier life.” I believed her then but now I don’t know if I do. Now I’m older so I might need more than that to persuade me.
”Get my pills Lucy” My dad gasps “Yes dad” I hurriedly grabbed his pills but I was to late.
“Mom I’m sorry I tried to help dad but I couldn't help” I feel a tear in my eye and it falls on my leg “Mom I miss you and dad. I’m all alone now. Help mom, send me a sign or something. Please” I hear thunder and see lighting out of the corner of my eye. Leaving my Mother's grave I see a kitten ”Hi kitten, do you need a home?” I pick up the little black and orange kitten scratching its ear and yawning I went home to grab some food for the kitten and myself.
I named the kitten Hollow. I love that kitten because she seems to be there when I want to be comforted,I also feel a connection with the kitten to and I love her.
Hollow and I live a happy life but I still have a hole in my heart that can’t be filled with anything except my sister lilly who is now in child care.I feel a tear welling up inside of me so I tell Hollow good night and walk to bed.”Hollow” I yell in my dream “Hollow where are you Hollow” I keep yelling.
“Meow” Hollow yelps at me I walk closer to her “Hisss” she scratches my leg
“Ow Hollow stop” I screech then I wake up to Hollow licking a cut on my leg and I cry “Hollow I need help please I can’t sleep because anything that happens in my dream happens here please help Hollow” The kitten says “I was sent here to help you my daughter” Hollow explains
”Mom?” I ask
“I told you when people die they go into heaven and change to live a happier life and I’m living a happier live with you”
“But mom what about dad” I ask
“He was sent to help your sister and he is a dog and I’m a cat that no dog can mess with” She said with confidence
“mom will lilly ever come back?” I ask sadly
“I don’t know now go back to sleep my darling”
I wake up in a grave “No No NO I can’t be dead no mom!” I try to yell but my neck is hurt and aching I try to crolout but I can’t “No mom I need you help mom, Hollow, somebody
“This is just a dream you need to wake up from. Now wake up lucy Wake up!” someone says on the other side of the grave.
”Mom” I yell when I wake up. Hollow is playing with my feathers on my shoes then I hear
“Are you ok my owner I mean lucy. O no I’m turning into more of a kitten everyday I’m like this” she raises a paw “I love you lucy but soon I’ll only be a cat and not me” she cries “It’s like I’m leaving you again”.
I say “You're not leaving me mom you will always be with me in Hollow.” She stops crying but I see that she will still push the subject. “Mom” I say politely “I will never let you leave me” she smiles at me the way cats do. “All I know is that the dreams you have been having are done with magic. And I can't help but I know someone who can.”
Chapter 2
Lilly needs help
Lilly cries in her room at child care were she was put after her dad didn’t take his pills for kidney failure but Lilly didn’t know what that was, so she cried in her pillow. You could still hear her outside. “Lilly do you need help forgetting that terrible incident with your sister and father.
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