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A letter to myself about my 2019 goals and how I want to achieve them.

Dear Me,

It's time to point our focus to the year ahead. What's in the past is over and done with. You can't change other's viewpoints or their reactions to life.
1. Take time for yourself. 30 minutes or so in the morning with your personal study and meditation should get your perspective correct. Be Consistent, it will be the only way to achieve your long term goals.
2. Eat a small but balanced breakfast. Eat fruit or a breakfast muffin, or egg sandwich for breakfast. You need to eat.. Don't forget to take your pills. Pre-plan Lunch.
3. Take time to write in your journal. This will put the previous day into perspective and get you ready for the new day.
4. Take care of the have-tos of your day, like doctor's appointments and housework.
5. Spend 2 hours on your writing. Do the assignments or free write. This needs to be a habit as well.
6. Spend 1-2 hours a day on music or art. M-W-F: Music, T-TH-SAT: Art. Practice a hymn or draw something every day.
7. Call Joyce or someone every day. Email the kids. Minister.

You can do this. You have wanted to accomplish these things for a while now and there is no better time than now to begin these habits. Remember your determination in Little Rock, the same principle applies here.
Once these are accomplished every day, then you can work on a stitching/knitting/quilting project. Remember to get the quilt sent off in March.

These are doable goals that need to be habits. How else are you going to work down your list of things to do. Just keep on keepin' on. How else will you be able to learn the skills you need to accomplish your long term goals. Remember them? This part you can do. I know you. I trust you to get these goals put into habits.

Love you,
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