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A 295 word story. Admiration gone way too far.
The parking lot is empty and dimly lit as I reach my car and unlock the door. I hear something behind me as I’m suddenly shoved into the side of the car and I feel a small sharp pain in my right arm. I look over my shoulder to see a woman holding a syringe in her hand and smiling at me.

“Wow! We are so goddamn beautiful!”

I don’t understand how but she looks just like me. Same long brown hair, white pale skin with freckles across her nose and dark hazel eyes. She even has the same scar across her left eyebrow. It's like looking in a mirror, only the reflection is smiling at you sadistically.

My world is spinning now. My knees go weak and I feel nauseous. She grabs hold of me and forces me inside the car and over into the passenger seat.

My hands and feet are numb and my vision is filled with swirling colors. She is now in the driver seat. I remember that my taser is in the glove box so I reach for the handle.

“I don’t think so sweetie.”

She grips a handful of my hair and slams my head into the passenger window as hard as she can. I hear a loud crack but I’m not sure if it was the window or my head. My face feels like it’s on fire and head is throbbing from the pain.

I try to scream but it comes out barely more than a whisper.

“I’ve been watching you for years.”

I struggle to move and realize that I’m completely paralyzed.

“The surgeon did a fantastic job didn’t he?”

She smiles at me brightly.

“Happy birthday beautiful! Tonight one life ends, so a new one may begin.”
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