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Poem about belonging and being content
When I was a girl, I was just me. I lived in my own imaginary world.
So called friends would tease, and others would laugh.
But I was content with being just me.

As I grew I wanted love it didn't seem to matter who, If my family didn't love me then I would find someone who would.
I was never good enough for them,
second best I was destined to be.
One day I would show them, I could be just me.

Years passed by and I began to grow, I was determined to become the me I was meant to be. I married the first, second and the third, what was I missing, I was so misunderstood.

As I sit here and wonder why I wasn't content, it was then I realized I knew what I had meant. I said all along I was happy being just me.
So now once again I am just me.
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