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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2178769
WC 938. Two Elven hunters come across a human baby.
The arrow hits the deer right in the heart. My aim is true once again. The deer struggles to run but falls to the ground as I carefully make my way down the tree and through the grass towards my kill. The animals are scarce in my Elven lands so my brother, Vale and myself have traveled to the human forest.

Vale meets up with me at the body of my kill. I am grateful that the deer is not suffering anymore.

“So can we go home now? This forest gives me the creeps.”

His pointed ears twitch and his blonde hair glistens from the sweat. I ignore him as he knows we still had to gather fish from the river before returning home to my sweet children. I suddenly hear a strange noise. It sounds like someone crying.

“Do you hear that?”

“Yes I do and I’m ignoring it as should you.”

I dismiss his warning and head in the direction of the sound.

“Fine go investigate but I believe you to be insane dear sister” He called over his shoulder as he continued towards the river.

I follow the crying to a small run off from the river. There is a basket stuck in between some large rocks. I grabbed hold of it an lift the tarp to reveal a human baby. My heart leaps into my throat. How could I have been stupid enough to stumble upon the kin of my greatest enemy. What should I do now? I can’t just leave it here. Oh Vale is truly going to despise this. I return to the river with the basket in my arms.

“What the hell is that you are carrying?”

“It is a lost human infant that will surely die if we don’t help it.”

“No! You truly are insane Zera. you have children of your own waiting for you to return with food for the winter and you want to help the enemy by doing what exactly?”

“I propose we journey over the mountain, sneak into the village entrance and leave the child to be found by its own kind. I also suggest that you do not use my own children against me again unless you wish to have my dagger inserted into arm.”

“Always with the violence dear sister. It doesn’t change the fact that it is simply absurd to travel any closer to the humans.”

“You suggest we leave the poor thing to die?”

“I say we kill it now possibly by decapitation or drowning.”

“You are evil to your core dear brother. It is an innocent baby and it doesn’t matter what species its parents are, I feel obligated to help it.”

“Well you can do it on your own then for I will take no part of it.”

“You just want to go about your business and enjoy your day knowing you could have saved a life?”

“We are Elven! It is human! If we return it to its people it will grow to hate us and kill our kind! Killing this so called innocent child will probably save many Elven lives.”

“You think selfishly Vale. How can one fight for honor and have no sympathy for anything unless it benefits your own desires.”

“Goodbye Zera, I wish you luck on your absurd adventure.”

“I am eldest and I will pull rank Vale, I need your help in order to make it to the village and return home safely. You may not understand but we have no choice. We must return the child.”

“I do despise you when you order me to do noble acts. I will do as you require eldest sibling but I do hope nothing keeps us from returning to my dearest niece and nephew.”

The argument continued for the first hour of the journey. We made it over the mountains exhausted and bruised with an often crying child. I changed her diaper and found appropriate foods and liquids to keep her happy. Even Vale begun to care for the child briefly throughout our journey.

Several times we had to hide among the grass and trees as human soldiers rode by on horseback. The child almost gave away our position more than once but we managed to avoid being seen.

It's been several hours since the start of our journey but we have finally arrived at the edge of the human village. Smells of smoke and garbage fill my nose and we are merely at the entrance.

“Stay here Vale. I will sneak the child in a bit further to be sure she is found.”

He grabs my wrist. “No Zera I can’t allow it. I believe that I should take the child into the village.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I have given it thought and I believe you to be right. This is my contribution towards selflessness.”

“How very rare coming from you.”

“Ha! I thought you’d say that. Considering my past you better hurry and give her to me before I change my mind.”

“Thank you Vale.” I carefully hand him the baby.

He takes her tenderly, pulls his hood down over his long Elven ears and begins to venture into the human village. A feeling washes over me. I realize now why I felt I had no choice but to help that child. Why I was able to leave my own children alone even longer. It is an honor to have been given a chance to help someone that can never help you. In a world full of so many dark days I realize that this day is a truly perfect one.
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