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Answers to the quiz and what that means about you.
1. If you really believe that ALL your sins have been forgiven, do you:

         Not worry about sinning at all, but make a real effort at not doing so?

2. If you believe that the Christian Bible is God’s Word, do you:

         Challenge the teachings and test them before applying them in your life?

3. If faith is, “the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see,” (Hebrews 11:1 – NLT), then, do your actions and behavior prove:

         That you believe that you will really go to heaven?

4. The Bible teaches that God will do certain things if we do certain other things, do you believe that this means:

         That you need to find out what the rules are so that you can do only what God wants, and not what you want?

5. The Bible teaches that God loves all people, does this mean:

         That He loves people because He is love?

6. If you believe that you are a Christian, then do your actions and behavior show:

         That you apply in your life all the teachings as you learn and understand them?

7. Which of the following best reflects what you believe concerning what faith really is:

         If you have faith in something, then your actions and choices in life will show it.

8. If you really trust God, then you:

         Just believe that God will take care of everything?

9. The promises in the Bible are:

         Only to those who meet the conditions for the promises?

10. Jesus expects all Christians to:

         To obey His instructions, even if you don’t fully understand them?

11. You know you’re a Christian if (check all that apply to you):

         You accepted Jesus as your Savior.
         Other people can see it in you.

12. People complain that the Bible is hard to understand; what do you believe:

         That many parts are harder to understand and require much research?

13. The Bible teaches that God can heal people; do you believe that:

         God heals those who meet the conditions for the healing?

14. The Bible teaches that God helps people; do you believe that:

         God helps those who submit to Him?

15. Interpreting the Bible correctly has always been a very big concern; do you believe that:

         There are certain rules one has to follow to correctly interpret the Bible?

16. The statement that tells us to “have faith in God” means that:

         We should trust God?

17. When the Bible says that we must love one another, it means:

         That we should love other Christians more than non-Christians?

18. Giving is better than receiving, says the Bible, does that mean:

         That it is okay to want things, if we also give away things?

19. The Bible teaches that God forgives sin, what do you believe?

         That once He has forgiven you, all your sins are forgiven; past sins, today’s, and future ones?

20. If you really believe in God then you:

         Trust that He will get it right, and quit worrying about it.

21. If you believe that everything in the Bible is true? Then do you believe that:

         A donkey talked to a man and saved his life?
         Dead people got out of their graves and preached?
         One man killed thousands of enemies with a bone from a donkeys head?
         A dead man came back to life?
         Someone else besides Jesus walked on water.

22. When Jesus died on the cross, He accomplished what?

         The forgiveness of all your sins?
         He made you holy and sanctified you?
         He made you the righteousness of God?
         You were transformed?
         You are free to live any way you want?{/c


These answers are meant more to show you where you need to do some research than to show you where you might be wrong. We recommend that you research all the answers you got “wrong,” and find the correct answers.

If you got them all right, congratulations!

If you got 1-5 wrong, you are doing great, just study more.

If you got 5-10 wrong, you need to reread those sections of the Bible and compare your answers.

If you got 10-15 wrong, You need to get into a good Bible study and start learning the truth.

If you got 16+ wrong, you probably have not opened your Bible in a very long time. Find a Bible study and sit down with a pastor and ask him or her to disciple you.
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