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Survival was the only thing on his mind. Written for Daily Flash Fiction contest.
He was hunkered in the back seat when the metallic object caught his attention. In the darkened confines of the unfamiliar conveyance he’d hastily commandeered, it was nearly imperceptible, partially concealed by a carelessly discarded hamburger wrapper. He cautiously extended his left arm, hoping the gesture will not result in unwanted movement of the vehicle, however minute, and his fingers found the object’s smooth, flat surface.
         No way!
         He allowed his gaze to further examine his discovery and understood its full meaning. But, he questioned its presence under the seat and wondered about its functionality. Outside, the unmistakable clatter of claws against concrete signaled the approach of the creature that had pursued him to this mall’s underground parking lot. His heartbeat quickened as he slowly raised his head to peer through the tinted rear window and discerned the creature’s distinctive silhouette.
         It won’t be alone for long, he thought, and knew that, despite not having confirmed the usefulness of his find, he needed to make his move. He swung his right hand behind him to grab his nine-millimeter and steadied his grip on what he hoped to be the trump card in his left.
         He felt for the door handle and, in one fluid move, the rear passenger door blew open and he leapt with athletic agility onto the surface. The creature turned in his direction, snarled wrathfully, and lunged forward. He squeezed tightly with his left hand and the creature staggered to a halt and began to convulse.
         It worked!
         While the creature was stunned, he emptied the pistol’s round with a meaningful aim, and the creature dropped lifeless to the ground. He arose, steadied his breath, then headed for the nearest exit and, ultimately, the group's rendezvous point.
         He hoped he wasn't the last one standing.

Written for "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge"   by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
Write a story that includes a stolen car.
Word Count: 298
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