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Myriam's short story. Part of a collection of short stories.
Wolves howled in the distance, and the wind howled in return. The Sun was long gone, depriving the earth of its warm, glowing rays. The moon's gentle gleam reflecting onto the mist clouding her sight. How her father could see the deadly curves of the unlit road would forever be a mystery to her. Her brothers and her younger sister were bickering in the farthest row of the dark red minivan. Through her headphones, she heard the baby crying in the center seat of the middle row. Her mother, seated beside the car seat, was shushing the baby while attempting to get her two brothers to shut up. Her father, yelling, tried to keep the volume down, saying that it was distracting his driving.
         "Just blow your goddamn nose!" screamed Nicolai, shoving a tissue box hard into Kai's chest. Nicolai was the oldest of the Nara children. He was sitting on the left side of the back row holding his phone in one hand. A bag of hot cheetos was nestled in his lap. Kai, second youngest of the siblings, sat next to Nico, goldfish scattered around him and tissue box fallen onto his legs. Sniffling, Kai took a tissue out of the blue kleenex box and blew his nose.
         "Stop being so violent," Livia said, her face an even mixture of calm and annoyed. Seated on the other side of Kai, Livia held a bag of veggie chips. In her cup holder sat a green bottle of Aloe Vera water. Shooting a pointed look at Nico, she shoved her earbuds into her ears. Livia was the third eldest child of the Nara's.
         "My god! Could you all just shut the fuck up?" muttered Liam. Liam, the younger of the middle children, rolled his eyes as he crumpled his dorito chip bag and shoved it into his empty cup holder.
         "Watch your language young man!" her mother was screeched. Trinity Nara was a beautiful woman with a horrible personality. Needy and whiny, Trinity had married Joshua Nara straight out of high school. "And you three!" she continued in her naturally high pitched voice, turning back to glare at the back row of people. "Could you try and be somewhat considerate? Theo is trying to sleep, but you and your stupid squabbling keep waking her up!"
         Theo, the product of her mother's infidelity, was the youngest of the Nara children. Her father had never truly acknowledged Theodora's existence, but he had let her mother use the baby supplies from all of the previous children.
         Her father, Joshua Nara, turned in his seat to confiscate his children's belongings.
Then the car was upside down. And they were falling.
And falling.
And falling.
Then they hit the ground. Hard. She felt the impact from the collision reverberate through her bones. She felt blood on her arms, but she wasn't sure if it was her own. The car tilted again. It flipped onto its side.
Then it stopped.
Everything stopped.
Nothing moved. No sound was made.
It was as if even the wolves knew not to howl.
She could try to escape the car now. She could try to get out.
No. She couldn't.
Not as blackess crept into the edges of her vision and unconsciousness claimed her.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2178843