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a creepy pasta I have written
The story I’m about to tell may sound fabricated but it is 100% true so I will jump to it so I had flown to California in the United States to go to Disneyland it was my third day their I was exploring the new Orleans square when I noticed out of the corner of my eye an old door it looked like it hadn’t been torched in years it was late afternoon so I decided to investigate.

as soon as no one was around I crept to the door and to my surprise it was unlocked so I went inside only to notice that their was a ladder leading down so I climbed down I soon found the floor at the bottom it was pitch black so I used the torch in my phone to see as it light up the tunnel I saw cobwebs and rusted pipes and bits of crumbling concert.

At first I thought I should turn back but my curiosity got the better of me so I continued to explore as I walked I noticed a pile of something at he end of the tunnel next to me my phone could not make it out so I walked up the tunnel hearing dripping pipes and bits of concert falling on the floor to find old character costumes ripped to shreds as I looked all the costumes were micky Donald goofy and Minnie but their was no daisy I got a Sharpe chill as I touched Minnie’s glove and hearing a slight scream.

After that I decided to continue exploring as I left the I heard a whisper say beware the duck I looked around to see where the voice had come from but saw no one after that I continued down the tunnel and soon noticed my phone was on 10% charge I was about to panic because no one knew I was down here but by luck or rather bad luck I found an old torch from the mid 60s so I tried it and it worked I shined it down the tunnel.

Then I saw a shadow dash across the tunnel thinking it to a rat I decided to continue as I used the torch I kept finding pieces of white fur all over the tunnels but then I started to heard the voice from before say the duck is following you again I shook it off as my imagination playing tricks as a came to the end of the tunnel a message on an old sheet of paper said the duck comes for you run it is your only chance then something whacked me on the back of the head

When I came to I was in a room I looked around only seeing a daisy duck costume across the room from me it was creepy as it only had one eye in its head and it had small pieces of costume in its mouth as I tried to get up I found my leg chained to the wall and as I started to yank at the chain I could hear a small chuckle I looked to see the suit starting to stand on its own as it started to stand it detached its arms and they held me to the wall as it started to walk over to me it approached me and its arms reattached its arms and as it came to my face and said well a fresh soul to inhabit my body I looked in confusion as I did not understand but soon I noticed small pieces of blue energy flowing out of my body and in to her mouth I tried to fight but everything I tried just ended in defeat but then a light came out of nowhere blinding the suit and I took the chance and escaped.

The suit chased me down the tunnel in 2 seconds I could feel her hand on my shoulder again I turned and punched the head clean off I ran but the right arm clung to me so I ran with it still attached I found the ladder I used to venture inside and escaped the suit by locking the door the arm still held tight I was able to get it off and stuffed it in my bag for the next three days I lived in fear knowing that the daisy duck suit which attacked me was still under the park but on my last night I looked out the window to see the suit staring at me I closed the curtains and went to sleep I checked out the next morning and the arm was still in my bag before I left I decided to as about the suit I saw last night the women who I will call e for privacy at the desk was elderly I say about 2 mouths to retirement and I asked my question

She looked horrified after I told her white as a ghost and she said well back when I started working here Walt Disney had decided to use dark magic to make the suits come to live and people thought they were people in them but one day a young boy went missing from the park they found him deep in the old tunnel system his body was fine but it looked like his soul and mind and been ripped clean out it was later found to be the daisy duck suit ding as she was never around to when the children disappeared it happened once a mouth 4 to 6 children every time 3 girls 3 boys all aged 2-4 and Walt lost his mind and locked all the suits down their but the daisy duck sucked the souls out of all the suits and tearing them apart a couple of years later Walt died and crew went in to the tunnels never to return blood was found but no bodies she trailed off

With tears in her eyes she told me your very lucky as she brock down crying a collage came to comfort her as I left I remembered the arm I had and decided to take it home as proof of what I experienced that day.

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