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My experiences with my basketball hoop throughout my life

Nelson 2

Ryan Nelson

E. Doyle

English 11AP (5)

8 November 2018

Personal Narrative

I see the ball go through the 8 foot rim as I envision myself hitting the game winner in the NBA finals. The crowd goes crazy as I jump up on top of the scorer's table and hold the championship trophy. I am lifted into the crowd and hear chants of my name. Next thing I know, my mom calls me in for dinner.

When I was 7 years old I always used to go to the YMCA and go down the slides and jump in the ball pit. My favorite part was at the end when I got to go into the gym and my dad would lift me up to dunk the basketball into the hoop. I was introduced to basketball at a young age, and I would grow to love playing the sport and shooting basketballs after school. I constantly begged my dad for a hoop in my driveway and for my 8th birthday to my surprise my family ordered me my first basketball hoop. A couple days after my birthday, a big truck pulls up to my driveway and delivers a huge cardboard box. What could be inside? I hope it's a basketball hoop. Sure enough, a huge metal contraption appears before me as my eyes light up and I see my first own basketball hoop in my driveway. This was the beginning of lots of memories and becomes a symbol of happiness and enjoyment for me as I begin my journey through my life.

Over time, the hoop has grown into a place of relaxation and comfort for me and provides me an escape for the repetitive routines throughout the school week. Whenever I feel stressed out or anxious I seek the comfort of the outdoors mindlessly shooting away at my hoop. I feel unexpected difficulties arise constantly when I get home. My parents, constantly worried about my future, can cause me lots of worry that I am not good enough. Aggravated, worried and anxious -- I cannot take the constant demands any longer. I become angry and feel the urge to release those angers on others, but instead I go to my hoop and reassess my situation. I can envision myself in a different narrative, and can put my daily life on pause for a brief moment as I relax and cool down for a bit. I am able to escape the indoors and breathe in the fresh air as I release myself from feeling locked away at school all day.

Isolation from my busy home free of all those around me. I am alone. Just myself and my basketball hoop. Away from constant SAT demands, away from homework, test preparation and my inevitable future. I can be focused on the present moment enjoying the little things that keep me going. It is very quiet once I step outside to my driveway. I feel the cool air on my skin, and it feels as if the world has become still. Every worry, every thought come to a standstill as I clear my mind and fall into the mindless shooting with my basketball.

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