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Rated: 18+ · Draft · Fantasy · #2178929
Kalani (pronounced Ka-la-nee) gets ambushed in a jungle en route on returning to his base.
Kalani woke up in a strange jungle hideout after being ambushed by several of his enemies. He heard water dripping from the cavern ceiling and saw strange pink glowing lights lining the cavern walls from the cavern entrance all the way down to the center of the cavern eight floors below. The eerie music ricocheted off the walls, reminding him of the scary music that played in most horror movies like Friday the Thirteenth and Freddy Kruger.

Shivering and covered in sweat, he tried sitting up on the cold stone - like table, but screamed in agony, for he could not move his left leg. He looked down in the dim light and saw why - the lower part had been blown off during the ambush. "What the hell? Where is my leg?!? What happened? Where am I? Ouch! Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?" He never enjoyed being alone, and this reminded him of being trapped in the basement for a week when he was 10.

Sylvan, one of the two men who saved Kalani an hour ago, smiled. He could smell Kalani's blood, and it made him shudder. He smiled his wicked grin and continued spying on Kalani. Rolling his eyes, he silently and swiftly moved closer to get a better view of this ... human. How Sylvan wanted this fragile human. He would do anything to get Kalani.

Sniffing the air, Sylvan started to rise from his hiding place but then knelt behind a rock, for he was afraid of the three men that were heading to the place where Kalani was. The tallest man, Jeffrey Tiberius, a monk, was in the lead, carrying an ancient tome full of vampire lore that he was studying. Klaus Ghent, a chemist, had several vials and needles in his pouch that he was going to use to retrieve some blood and other things from Kalani to examine. Klaus loved examining strange fluids from different things. Frank Luther, a mercenary, was trailing behind carrying two Glocks, a blood-stained hunting knife, and some rope that he used to tie his kills with. They approached the new comer, and Kalani started struggling to get to safety, but before he could get on the floor, Frank tied Kalani's hands together and forced him off the rock, making him land on his left leg. He screamed, and Sylvan frowned, getting closer.

Before Sylvan could get close enough to sniff Kalani, he was being shoved and pushed toward the center of the cavern.


On the outskirts of the jungle, Kalani ' s seven enemies were searching for him. They would never find him because they would be hunted down themselves by wild and fierce jungle predators and dragged off to the creature's dens and torn asunder and eaten.


Back in the cavern, Kalani reached the center and was handed over to the leader, a seven foot 9 inch tall burly man with scraggly hair, a gaunt face, dark complexion, sweaty body, and a chaotic look deep in his eyes, almost as if he were on some kind of powerful toxins that made him feel connected to the deities of this secret vampire society.

The leader stopped staring deep into the fire in front of him and looked up. He put his staff down beside him and walked over to the figures that appeared before him.

"What business have you here, you lousy annoying maggots?" Andre asked, deeply irritated that he had been interrupted from his meditation.

All three vampires bowed to their master and replied, "We are sorry for disturbing you, your majesty, but we found this ... human ... lurking about near here, about 15 yards down south. Luckily, he was getting beaten -" Frank replied, looking down at his master's cape.

"SILENCE!!!! You dare bring a mangy human here in front of me? How dare you!!! Thirteen days in the dungeons for you small lot for disgracing me and your coven. What say you, my Lord?"

Lord Byron Covington, stepped out from behind a dark corner. He studied the three maggots and Kalani and nodded at Andre. Smiling, he said, "This human will be perfect. I have not been in the presence of this kind human before. He is scared, but yet brave. Hmmm ... put him with the young vampires and see how they react. Then we will continue with my plan. In the meantime, I need to visit my master. I will be back in three weeks. Can you handle the pressure, Andre? Without any disastrous results? If anything happens, you know my colleagues will report directly to me. Is that clear?"

Andre nodded, sweating himself.

Lord Covington wiped the sweat off Andre ' s face, sniffed it, and threw it into the fire. "You reek of fear, my puppet. If you fail, I will mount your head on my wall." Andre bowed and replied, "I will not fail, my Lord." "See to it that you don't."


Before Byron left, he wheeled around and bit Kalani on the neck, making Kalani his.

Sylvan was angry because he wanted Kalani for himself.

"I will get Kalani if it's the last thing I do. Byron is a tyrant, and he doesn't deserve Kalani."

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