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Sometimes, you make me laugh!
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Dear Me,

You really make me laugh, you know.

You're pretty damn hilarious -- at least unto me. That is, unto yourself.

Didn't you absolutely, totally promise yourself not to enter another Dear Me Contest? Didn't you say you've been entering these for months (years!) now, just for the lure of the Gift Point prizes, and you weren't going to play that game in 2019?

Well, then, what the heck happened?

Why are you typing this up now? The lure of Gift Points too strong? Why don't you go do something else that'll get you the GPs? Ah, I know, I know, Premium Memberships come at a price, and the official contest is a good way to get GPs to pay for it.

Okay -- so, enter the official contest whenever you can, to earn GPs for your premium. The standard is high, so you'll improve your writing along the way. Nice side-effect.

But yeah, you're entering this just now, at this moment, because something has really got you excited and you want to share it with WDC. So tell them, already!

You have just booked a stall in a photography exhibition.

And that has you in a complete tizzy, because you aren't a photographer. Well, you're a 'clicker'. You take photos, certainly. But -- an exhibition? I mean really? What the heck is the matter with you?

The 'matter', as it turns out, is that you're finally breaking free of the phrases -- 'I can't' and 'but I'm not'. Competent folk have told you that your photos qualify as art, that you don't need to play your skills and your creativity down.

So -- yes, participate in that photography exhibition. Yes, sell your photos, if people want to buy them. Go do it. And don't laugh at yourself for it. Laugh with yourself if you like, out of the joy of saying I CAN for a change, but don't laugh at yourself.

So -- where were we?

Yes, goals.

And so far, we've got:
1. Write better to earn more GPs on WDC.
2. Forget the word 'can't' and go ahead and do stuff like participating in a photography exhibition.

What else?

Your Harry Potter stuff. Your HP Discussion Group is going strong, girl. Don't kick yourself about trying to control people who were hogging the limelight. That's your job as the originator and co-ordinator of the group, controlling elements that threaten the rest of the group. It's your baby, you get to call the shots. (Hey, the word 'shots' made you think of the photos again, but don't digress back to that now!)

So -- goal #3. Keep the HP Discussion Group going -- do what it takes to ensure all members are comfortable each month. Don't allow some members to dominate completely. Make hard choices if you need to. Hopefully, it won't actually reach a point where you have to kick someone out. This is a community you've built up over the last year-and-a-half, don't panic because you're facing your first snag.

We've covered writing, photography and HP events.

Now, your health. Well, that's simple. Do what it takes to stay healthy. Specifically, remember your medications for thyroid and blood pressure, and remember to exercise and to drink enough water. You know, it's not complicated. Your body responds when you take a bit of care. Just go for your walk every day, stuff like that. Don't overdo the rich foods. Listen to your body. Take care of it.

Finally -- family and friends.

You're doing pretty okay there. At least with Dad, and with your close friends. You've been doing lots of stuff with Dad, but giving him space to do his own thing with his friends, too. In fact I think your relationship with Dad is at a high point. Work at it, to keep it there.

With close friends, also, you seem to be doing well. You've been meeting up, asking for help, giving help -- work at keeping that up, too.

Maybe you need to work harder on your relationship with your uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews. You do have a loving bunch of people, just acknowledge them a bit more.


I know you are writing this for the GPs. But I know you're keeping it true as well. So, never mind the word count. Never mind that you're way below the maximum allowed count. If this is as much as you want to say, then sign off now. Do NOT pad it with extra stuff just because it'll stand more chance of winning with more words.

And please keep making me laugh.

Lots and lots of L*Suitheart*VE,
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