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by Husna
Rated: E · Short Story · Business · #2179030
Employees were called for an urgent meeting on behalf of the Head of the Department.
The Department Head enters the meeting room and goes: good morning, please be seated.
This meeting has no agenda as it is an urgent one. I realized that there was no Minutes-of-Meeting shared from the last meeting till date. This is so irresponsible considering the fact that we meet on monthly basis and there was plenty of time to finalize it considering most of the work is completed during the meeting.

The recorder: sorry sir. We were short on time as we had to prepare some reports requested by the chairman.

The head replies: speaking about the reports, I never seen those yet. They were to be submitted earlier today for revising since the chairman meeting is within two hours.

The recorder: we were finalizing them before we were called for this meeting. It is my mistake and I apologize on behalf of the team.

Head continues: I also realized that some vital required members didn’t show up in the last two meetings, which indicated the lack of commitment from their sides. Everyone who is to attend this monthly meeting has a role to accomplish and with them not coming to the meeting, it cannot be done.

Manager A: apologies sir but I had an emergency last time.

Head continues: I was told that the figures presented in the last meeting weren’t accurate and thus the studies and the budget suggested and later approved by the senior management was incorrect and insufficient. How could this even happen without anyone realizing?

Officer A: I am so sorry sir. I made mistake in the first part as I was working on the wrong inputs and therefore the whole study was affected accordingly.

Head upsettingly goes on: as far as the Hus.Co project is a concern, we I haven’t received or heard any updates for a month now. Nothing about it was brought up in the last meeting nor was there any report/presentation shared with me and the said period. however, I overheard there were some delays in the process, which may potentially affect the soft opening. I hope, wish and pray this is not true.

Project manager: in fact, there is some delays in delivering yet they don’t have any impact on the soft opening. I, honestly wanted to speak to you about that this morning but I was called for this urgent meeting and thought I will do that during it.

Head sighs: I had a phone call this morning from the chairman saying he is really unsatisfied with the overall performance of the department as there are countless inconsistencies in our deliverables and achievements, in a way that we still have nothing to show for recently. He added that there will be consequences staff in case this continues to take place in the future. Consequences could include downsizing the department manpower and transferring duties to other departments if needed.

All: we apologize for not meeting the expectations.
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