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A story about a 7 year old girl who has wild ideas about anything and everything.
"Hello my name is Molly and I am 7 years old. I love to tell stories." she cups her hand over her mouth as to whisper, "This is my brother Joe, He's adopted but don't tell everyone I said so."
"Molly!" Joe exclaims, " you don't have to announce it, they can see by looking at me." Joe shakes his head at his red headed freckled sister. Molly's family did adopt Joe from foster care, his caramel brown skin stood out against her pale skin with freckles. Joe stated " Molly, what are you doing out here?" Molly proudly stands up tall and exclaims very loudly, " I am going to tell my new friends a story!" Pointing to a group of kids standing by the park bench that Molly is standing on.
Joe looks at Molly and shakes his head.

Molly clears her throat loudly "ACKEM!!" "ONCE UPON A TIME!" she yells at the top of her lungs. "Molly! you don't have to scream it out." stated Joe, as he covered his ears. "But I want everyone to hear it!" "They will," said Joe, " you just have to use your normal voice." Okayyyyy" said Molly, "Now I am going to begin." "Once upon a time!" "Molly you don't have to start over every time, just tell the story." "Joe! I am telling the story my way!" exclaimed Molly, crossing her arms, "OK, once upon a time, God made the Earth, like my mom makes Spaghetti!"

"WAIT!" Yelled Joe, "How is God making the Earth like mom makes Spaghetti!" The kids standing there started to laugh. "Joe, God made the Earth round and it looks like a meatball, and when mom makes spaghetti she makes meatballs, so that is how the Earth is made." "Molly, you don't know that." Joe said, God created the Earth by saying let it be and it was, not like mom makes spaghetti." If you are going to tell a story you have to tell it right." "Well," said Molly, "I can always tell a better story, like how God created the light bulb, or how he went to the pet store and named all the animals..."
Joe rolling his eyes at Molly. "Come on Molly, Let's go home for dinner." "Ok Joe, I hope mom is making spahgetti!" "What is it with you and spahgetti?" as Joe and Molly walk down the sidewalk to their home. Molly exclaims, " l like spahgetti!"
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