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An entry/contest about goals I am setting for the New Year in 2019.

"Dear Me"

Well, 2018 has come and gone. What a year that was for me. I am truly thankful that I was able to accomplish the goal I set last year even though it is now flowing into this New Year. Due to unexpected health issues that halted my progress in the middle of 2018 to have my first book completed before the year ended. But, I'm not one to worry about small setbacks. My goal was still fulfilled. This New Year 2019, will be a continued part of last years goal. Along with my newest goal I will have a lot more joy and fulfillment in it as soon as my first debut is ready.

Then I plan on doing a lot of promoting my book and traveling cross parts of the country fulfilling my bucket list along with my husband. If it becomes possible we plan on traveling north to Montana. Our nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby. I will have no less than a couple cases of my new book for signings and promoting along the way, most all his family already wants a signed copy. Then, onward east to Connecticut, and Maine then to New Jersey and New York to visit my side of the family, and last to Alabama and back home here in Oklahoma. And since I can no longer drive, it will give me plenty of time to do research and to fulfill my biggest goal for the New Year.

I have a dream. Not just any dream, this one is bigger than any dream I could ever have. It's going to take a lot of work and contacting the right people to get it started. My goal is to have my 'Bronco Riding Rooster' story turned into an animated production. To be realistic, I know it will not happen over night, but if I keep at it I might have a good chance to get it started before 2019 is over, then again it will probably fall into the year 2020.
I am determined to follow through with my goal, and never give up on the possibility of making my dream a reality.

Who knows? It can happen! I feel it! I can see it in my head and I can feel it in my heart! That's the drive I must focus on to never stop or give up. It's a promise I am making to myself, to my son and to my husband that anything can be done if you are determined enough.
I want to make something of my writing, I want to create something the world will enjoy, I want to make people happy and laugh with joy when they see my story on the big screen or read my story that I've worked on for many years. So as the New Year has begun, so have I.
God willing and if my health stays in good condition, I believe in myself and that's what matters most because if I don't believe I can make it, no one else will do it for me. 🤩

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