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by Delia
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A brief description of how I think creation took place.
The Bible tells us what happened during the creation of the world. However, a description of how God created everything is not given. We are told that He spoke, and things appeared. Since I was not there, I cannot state exactly how God brought things into existence. Based on what I read in chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, I can give a description from my imagination. Before creating anything on the earth, they {the Trinity} stood outside of the earth looking down pondering how to change the current state of the earth.
God the Father said, “How can we change the state of the earth into something that reflects us.”
The Holy Spirit left the meeting and flew over the earth, observing the place. The tips of His fingers slightly touched the water while He flew over the place. Upon His return to the meeting, the Holy Spirit informed the others of His findings.
“The place is filled with water, its cold, dark, and nothing exists”, said the Holy Spirit.
Jesus moved in closer to the earth, and as He did the light that was in Him was seen in the earth. He did not encircle the earth with His light but stood at an angle. His presence over the earth pushed back the darkness but did not remove the darkness completely.
God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), God the Holy Spirit had the ability to know what each other thought, and they worked in unity. Nothing was done without the other agreeing. From the orders of the remaining God Heads, Jesus continued with their creation. He placed His hands in a prayer state. As His palms opened, the waters separated creating a space. The space was surrounded by water above and below. This they called the sky. A strong wind came from His mouth creating turbulence to the waters below the sky. The waters shifted to different sides, and dry ground appeared. As the dry ground appeared, the water moved in all directions creating huge areas were water gathered and small paths of water formed. They named this land and seas.
The land was dry and hard, not suitable for any vegetation. The water below the ground moved up into the dry land. With this interaction green areas and different trees with fruit came into existence. This they called grass and seed-bearing fruit. As He rubbed His palms against each other in a circular motion, a ball of fire formed. The fireball moved from His hands into the sky with the wind from His breath. Sun was the name given to the fireball. Another ball that was less bright than the sun was also made. Using the dirt from the ground and water from the sea, a moldable clay was shaped into a circular object like the sun. This ball was placed in the sky to bring light at night. Drops of water rose from the seas and each drop stretched in five directions floating in the sky. The drops froze when God blew on them. Those frozen drops became stars in the sky.
Up to this point, no animal or human life existed. Pieces of dirt, grass, and water floated in the sky. The dirt and water combined forming the body of the bird. Pieces of grass attached to the formed body creating wings on the creatures of the sky. Those were the birds. The first-time light rays from the sun hit the sea, it caused a small disorder in the waters. Bubbles of all sizes formed and when they reached the surface of the water, the bubbles exploded bringing fish and sea creatures into existence. Birds flew in the sky and fish swam in the sea, but no creature walked on the land. A strong wind blew on the land causing dirt to float around and animals formed.
The Trinity gathered around what was created.
“Something is missing”, said God the Holy Spirit.
“Our creation is incomplete”, said Jesus.
God the Father said, “Let us make people in our image”.
Dirt from the ground rose and drifted in the air. Drops of water from the sea swam and fell on the dirt. The Trinity shaped the mud into something that would reflect them. Once the outline of the body was formed, all the other details followed. This creature laid lifeless on the grass.
“I am excited about this creature. He needs to be different from everything else we have created. His purpose in this place will be greater than the other creatures”, said God the Father.
God the Son and God the Holy Spirit agreed. This creature was without life until God through His breath gave him life. From the man, a woman was created. While the man slept, God touched the man’s side. As God touched his side, his skin and flesh pulled back until his ribs were exposed. A rib was broken off and God placed His hand over the opening. As He did this, the flesh and skin return to its original state. From the rib, bones of different sizes and shapes appeared. With the help of the wind, the bones attached to each other creating a skeleton. The wind caused dirt and droplets of water to land on the skeleton, covering the bones with a clay. With the rays of the sun, the clay dried. When the woman was formed, God gave her life by breathing into her nostrils.
This is how I imagine the creation of the earth happened.
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