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by Kotaro
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2179214
A ghoul comes back for revenge.
The corpse of my lover, Tevor, is lying on my kitchen floor. I retch, as with one hand he picks the rotten gore off his face. I cover my ears, yet the sound of scabs being torn off cannot be undone. The other hand is gone. Probably left in the ground where I buried him last September.

I all started a week before the hurricane. He slugged me for talking back to him during an argument. That punch knocked out a tooth, and as I laid on the kitchen floor he laughed and laughed. That was when I resolved to kill him.

I bought some poison and carefully planned the murder. It was to be during the hurricane due to hit the city. That way no one would hear and no one would see.

When the time came to carry out the deed, I trembled with fear, for the poison needed to kill him quickly. Tevor would surely bludgeon me to death. So, to strengthened my resolve I repeated to myself as the wind howled and rocked the house, “It’s just the wind and rain trembling my home. That’s all and nothing more.”

That strengthened my resolve and I grew bolder. “Love”, said I, “drink and be merry, your happiness I adore.”

He took my trembling for fear of the storm and took the glass without suspicion. He drank and drank, and so gleeful was I that I was killing him, and so bloody did he fall dying on my floor.

He gargled, “I’ll get you whore!”

I laughed with spite, and thought, “It’s nothing more than an empty curse.”

That night I buried him in the yard while the wind lashed me with whips of rain.

For one year his flesh rotted while revenge festered in his heart.

Last night there was an even bigger hurricane. It woke me from a nightmare. Shaking and sweating, I strove to banish the images lingering in my mind; Tevor, a ghoul with a face of maggot eaten flesh, approaching through the wind and rain.

It was during this attempt that I heard a shout, “Are you ready whore?”

And, the rafters creaked and groaned and I heard them sing, “Pour and roar! Pour and roar!”, while the kitchen door rocked and rocked.

I rushed to hold it shut. But, then, with a blast of thunder and a reek of rot it slammed open, so that I fell on the floor facing the ghoul, Tevor.

Not saying a word he slapped one rain soaked foot past the door. As I crawled backward, the other foot swished as it slid on the kitchen floor.

Morning brought an end to the storm and its light cast his shadow on the floor and from the steaming shadow I still see his scheming gleaming eyes.
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