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A life that is just a little bit too perfect.
         I've been lucky. So far, everything in my life has happened in my favor, leaving almost only positive memories of my childhood and teenage years.

         In dance class, I was put in front of the other dancers so they could copy my moves. I never got exhausted at swim class, because I was always waiting for the other swimmers to finish the stretch, that I could have swum twice by the time they were done. Finally, when I started playing floorball like my dad, I got some challenge. But not the kind of challenge I was looking for. It was much harder to play on a complete boys' team than it was to actually play the game. But I managed, I kept going for a couple years till I lost all faith in the team's abilities to grow.

         School has never been much of a challenge either. Well above average, 100% correct and straight A's in most of my classes through it all. Of course, there is a few bad grades in between, thanks to the group assignments our teachers love and glorifies so much. But I've managed not to let it affect my 11,6 average, even though I won't need it for the career I've already picked out for myself.

         The famous family drama hasn't had the biggest impact on my life. In fact, there has never really been any drama in my family, or at least not anything that affected me. Of course, my brother has always been kind of a problem to our parents, but mostly to my parents.
For 10 years, I lived only a few meters from my friend Cecilie. She hasn't always been my best friend, but she was always there. Even when her parents split and she had to move away, she didn't go that far. And about 6 months after, I moved too. Closer to her.

         And it's not like she was my only friend. I don't know what it is about boys, that makes them so much easier to talk to than girls. But they are, which is why I, through most of my life, have had mostly guy friends. The boys from my class, my school in general, and I am good at keeping myself neutral in case of any drama happening, ergo I never made any enemies.

         You see; everything about my life is just so...great. It's just so fucking great. And I'm not being sarcastic, my life really is great. Sometimes it's almost like it's too great. Cause no one can have all of this, all that I have, forever. There is no way, I'm going to stay this happy forever. At some point things has to change. Something has to happen, that is not in my favor. And I guess I'm scared that when that happens, because I know it will, it is going to have to be something awful. Like lifechanging, soul breaking awful.

         I don't know what it is going to be, but I have a few ideas of what could happen. Obviously, I don't like any of them, and I just hope my own little version of happiness lasts a little longer. I can only hope.

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