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A Baby Boomers biographical History! Brooklyn NY to San Francisco Ca, Deep South. Further
By Diane Fertig Page
© 2019
Book one

This is a work in progress! Please be patient!(I'm telling myself as well). Feedback is very much welcome Thanks.

My eyes have seen our world change through the lens of the 1950's,60's and beyond.As they say the only thing constant is change. Too True! Come join in this crazy yet grand tale. Experience's of life past present to the every-changing future. From the streets of an earlier Brooklyn, New York and Manhattan. Playing Guitar and singing at Folk City on open mike night and jamming with old black Jazz Musicians Down in a Greenwich Village Blues club.. Co- working with folks like Chevy Chase,Christopher Guest and others very talented and human as well! And John Belushi,who learned about my life and believed in me like a big brother. He was a mentor to me before the changes of fame, disappointments and drugs ruined it all. His words "Don't burn yourself out on drugs Drummer. We are going to the BIG-TIME!" Still echo in my mind and the irony years later...
Traveling to the Midwest with a group of folks I thought were living their life for Jesus,leaving everything and everyone behind to save souls and the world... It later turned out to be a cult called the Children of God.

We take our place in this world with our first breath. Many others touch our life for good or ill, as we also effect others in our limited time in each life that we live. Wanting to write this book has been something I have wanted to do since I was 7 years old.Back then I had no idea of the work involved or even what would be worthwhile to write about!
We learn from others and teach them as well. So I hope you will find something to learn and pass on to someone else. And also hope you will find what you are looking for in your own life . A laugh or an insight sometimes can be like a healing balm to us and our souls—only if we choose to accept it.
The first chapter is : Return to sender

(Started Tues Nov 28 2018 11:11 AM.)
I lost count of how many times I started this tale of my loony life! At 5 years old: I was adopted (or kidnapped according to my mom) at 6 and one half years old” returned to sender”, which was my mom( With her lawyer's help in 1961.) The judge asked me who I wanted to live with... I had already planned to run away and come home on my own...
By the time of John F Kennedy being shot,and us students at PS 189 were sent home crying on a cold gloomy November day. I had become a First res ponder (minus the training) Making the decision to save my Mother from her suicide attempts. Even though she said "Diane if you love me --let me die." I loved her then and now. She turned 17 the day after Christmas night when she brought me into this world.And gave me a love of music and books,she was my fairy-god mother,when I was sick a lot with high fevers and horrible ear aches.She brought me Saint Joseph aspirin(As Stephen King wrote in Pet Sematary "The Valiums of childhood") with Tomato juice. She sang to me and made me comfortable on two beach chairs in the living room held together by my book straps.Layers of blankets and soft pillows. I drifted in and out of consciousness.

That's the opening lines of my tales of many. The beginning of the saga of my life. Writers are told to “Write about what you know”.
For me that's a lot of subjects, and experiences. Lenny Bruce was someone who took a lot of subjects did parody of them. He also tied them all together at the end of his shows to make a point. I wish I’d have seen him preform live! Who knows how many words of comedy, insights and inspirations,have been shared with me,as I have shared over the years with others
Years later through social media. Blogging about topics like Many realms of the spiritual on Beliefnet.com, Buddhist and other websites.
Learning and teaching about Autism because of helping our grandchildren and becoming a certified caretaker for special needs kids. Writing about Journalism, political, Psychology. Pharmacology, Nursing, (Through my own and others experience’s.)
Writing about working in retail from Garden centers at Walmart, K-Mart and small family owned business Cofers in Athens Georgia.
Running cash registers, stocking shelf's and my favorite -Customer service. Helping folks find what they needed to make their day better! Other jobs as well
like working in a silkscreen trophy shop. Each one I would have stayed at had the places kept their word and kept me on... As it is for so many Americans ,being hired to become full-time employees, many times laid off right after the holidays.
Learning as I went along on this crazy path. So many subjects so little time! Lol but very true. At least getting more skills as the years went on.
I lived in a very different time from now. The 1950’s melted into the Sixties. Motown, The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Me at 8 fixing our family TV. I took the back off and dusted it inside and saw a loose tube. When I turned it tight, it came on! I closed it up. Gleefully calling to my mother that “I fixed The TV!”. She was happy then yelled at me for not unplugging it first!
“But mom how else would I know it worked?” Was my logic!

So this will be quite an adventure.
Enjoy and Zei Gezunt
which means be well!
Diane Fertig Page
Eugene Or 2019
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