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Seventh entry for the Daily Flash Fiction contest.
A rural town unwittingly became witness to perhaps the greatest love story ever told.

The story begins with a newcomer’s arrival to a settlement, barely man, he was sent order of the King to watch for poachers in the nearby forests. While passing through the village market, on route to the local inn, he came across a lady so divine, when she left his glance, he was struck blind.

Later learning of the misfortune befalling the man, she visited him, only to listen upon the most serene singing she’d ever heard. As the final note had been sung, her ears ceased to function.

Experiencing that sight & harmony the first time, no memory could compare, and were kept fixated in their minds, with perfect clarity.

Their days were spent through touch, the lady drawing pictures with her finger along his palm, illustrating what he could not see, and always depicted the sun when it had risen each morning. The man would tap & stroke along his lady’s arm, mimicking vibrations of music that played within earshot.

Every night, the man held his lady’s necklace, while she played with his hair.

Word of their happiness spread throughout the Kingdom, and a bitter Prince set out to destroy it. A twisted soul and a putrid personality, he had the couple displayed at the centre of town. The lady in binds and blindfolded, her soulmate tied up with burst eardrums.

The Prince ordered the peasants to touch them individually, to see if any other their contact brought joy, disproving the existence of love. Citizens revolted, chased off the Prince, and linked the couples hands together, as destined.

Overjoyed in being reunited, they embraced, and died in one another’s arms, never to be apart again. Following that day, the town became renamed, Fullheart.

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