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On a luxury holiday in the most romantic city on Earth, taking a knee with jewellery box in hand. Girlfriend stood in front of the Eiffel Tower. For Jerome, this should be the happiest moment that life had ever produced, right until his proposal was interrupted.

When Jerome’s mouth gaped open to pop the question, the attempt got cut off immediately.

“This better be good"

Caught dumbfounded, Jerome’s jaw dropped, for the illusion of their relationship had finally shattered. Eyes a bulged, he finally looked upon reality, unfiltered by the wishful thinking that plagued his judgement and self-worth, for over three years.

“Well!” the girlfriend harped.

"You were just expecting this?!"

Jerome’s fingers gripped the box tighter, teeth seethed into a smile, tears trickled down his cheeks.

“Nothing is ever good enough”

“You’re embarrassing me! Making me look bad fool!”

Hearing those words forced Jerome to slump further towards the ground, on both knees, shoulders slumped from emotional exhaustion.

“Jerome, stop actin crazy!”

The tension tightened around the couple, as Jerome burst into a fit of laughter. For him, the only other logical response would be insanity, fortunately, the lesser of two evils prevailed amongst the despair.

Once the laughing had passed, a pain filled cascade of memories came flooding back, reflecting moments endured with the most selfish person he’d ever known. Working fourteen hour shifts, five days a week, to avoid his girlfriend having to work. Spending exorbitant amounts, he funded not just a life she wanted, but one that could be shown off.

All in an effort so someone would feel the love he felt for them, and fell victim to an avaricious soul,

Jerome stood up and walked away shouting repeatedly.

“Not good enough for you!”

He faded into the distance, to discover love anew”
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