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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Paranormal · #2179418
A little girl finds a book that claims to happen in real life.
The Story that Comes True

There was a little girl named Lillian. All her friends at school called her Lily, but her mother always called her Lillian.
One day, Lillian was playing in the backyard. She sat on a swing and pushed with her feet. She went up so high that she thought she would swing over the top of the swing set.
But she did not. She stopped pushing with her feet and let the swing slow, but as it slowed, she jumped off and landed in the grass and dirt, hands first. It hurt a little bit. But she did not get a scrape.
She began to rise up from the ground, but saw something inches from her face in a spot her father had missed while mowing. It was a red book.
A book! She thought. I love books! She wondered if maybe it was one from the house she had already read, but when she picked it up it looked unfamiliar. It was a red, hardback book, with a golden pattern on the cover. The title was, The Story that Comes True.
She was very tired by this point. But she just had the energy to climb up from the ground and carry the book inside through the backdoor.
Once she was inside, she rushed through the house past her mother, who was cooking behind the stove. Her mother called, "Lillian, where are you going in such a hurry?"
"Just up to my room," she said.
So, she brought the book upstairs to her room and excitedly turned the light on and sat down on the bed. She took both her pillows and sat against them. Opening the book, her fingers were shaking she was so thrilled.

Chapter 1

This is a story that comes true. Do you believe me? Read on and you will see.
It is a sad story. It is a frightening story. It is an exciting story. And it is a happy story. Funny how that happens, isn't it? A sad story can also be a happy story. And a frightening story can also be an exciting story.
But that's just what this is.
Tomorrow, you will wake up from your sleep. Your mother will tell you, "Good morning." Everything will seem normal, but it won't be.
You see, tomorrow is the day something unusual will happen to you. First, you'll notice that the house will not be as neat as it was today. Clothes will be lying on the floor. Drawers will be open. Toys will be out, and the dog kibble will have spilled onto the kitchen linoleum.
But how did it happen? You will see.
Something sad will happen overnight. You will not know about it as soon as you wake up, or even when you first descend the stairs, or when you walk into the living room or kitchen. A friend of yours will have received the news that his family is moving to another city.
But do not despair! He may be moving, but he will not forget you. Look at the bright side. Your friend gets to meet a lot of new people. And it is not as though he won't write you letters.

Lillian became tired. She thought that was all she could read for the night. She put a bookmark in the book, closed it, put it beside her bed, and went to sleep.
In the morning, she got out of bed and went downstairs. It was just as the book had said. She saw her mother and she said, "Good morning." And she noticed that everything was as disheveled as the book had predicted.
And then she wondered if the rest of what she had read last night had come true. "Mother, do you have any news for me? Have any of my friends told you that they are moving?"
"Lillian, how could you know that? Just this morning I received a telephone call from your friend Brian's mother, and she told me just that. That they are moving to another city."
And Lillian was amazed.
That night, she wanted to read more of the book.

Chapter 2

The next day, something even odder will happen. You will not be able to find your mother. "Mother! Mother!" you will call. But she will not answer.
Finally, you will find her in the laundry room, crying. When you ask her why she is crying, she will tell you that something unfortunate happened to one of your neighbors. And you will try to comfort her, but it will be difficult.

Lillian put the book aside for a while. She thought, This can't be true. It's just a book. Books don't have the ability to predict the future. It must just be a joke.
So she played for the rest of the day and went to bed right on time.
In the morning, everything the book had said came true. She found her mother crying in the laundry room and asked her why she was crying.
"Oh, Lillian, I'm crying because I just heard the worst news. My friend, our neighbor, Ms. Thompson, is about to lose her house. She says she can't pay her bills anymore. She lost her job. And she can't find another one."
She tried to comfort her, but it was just as the book had said. It was difficult. But Lillian began to be frightened. How could the book know this? How could it be so accurate?
She went to bed that night and opened the book again. This time, what she read was horrifying.

Chapter 3

Reader, there will be a death the next day. You won't know who, you won't know where, and you won't know why, but it will happen. Do not be afraid. Death is a natural part of life.
When you hear of this death, do not be afraid. Try not to cry. Everyone in your family will be very sad, but I want you to be brave. Think of the passing as a way for the dead to become happier. There is nothing to fear because someone has been praying for just this moment.

But Lillian slapped the book down. She did not want this to happen!

So, she did not sleep that night. She was on her guard. She thought of many ways to save a life. "I need to save this life!" she whispered out loud. But if she did not know who was about to die, how could she prevent it?
Her plan was to watch every inch of the house all day long. And so she did.
She caught a glimpse of her mother accidentally spilling bleach into the dog dish. "No! No!" she yelled. "Mother, look what you just did! Before Snookums drinks the bleach, we need to empty it out and clean it! I knew this would happen!"
"Lillian, thank you so much for catching that! I think you saved Snookums' life!" And so the day ended happily.
But that night when Lillian was on her bed again, she was afraid to open and read the book. She talked to the book. "If you really are the story that comes true, then why do you tell me horrible things? Why can't you tell me pleasant things which will happen to me?" And the book answered.

Chapter 4

You really did save a life today. I knew you would. I told you that someone would die to get you to save her life. Do you really believe that everything I tell you will come true? One more thing, though: Tomorrow, your friend will call to say his family is not moving, after all. I'm sorry I told you that they were moving. But the point of this book was to change your life, and that is what has happened.

So, the next day, what the book told her did come true. Brian and his family were not moving, after all. She was so happy that Snookums did not die, and after reading the book, she was so happy that everything else worked out in the end, too. She might have been frightened, but Snookums was okay. And that was what truly mattered.

The End

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