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What will happen now her husband has turned up at her work?
I clear my throat in an attempt to stop the nerves slipping through my already cracking facade.
“Tell him I’m just finishing up and I’ll be down in five minutes” I force a smile.
“Sure” I watch and wait for mark to disappear from sight to let out a pained sigh.
What is my husband doing at my work? Does he know something?
I shake the thoughts from my head, if he did know he wouldn’t just be at the front desk, he would storm in, with that familiar rage in his eyes and beat the shit out of Henry.
Since the start of the affair, I’ve had moments where I panic, where I convince myself he knows.
My face burns with guilt and my heart pounds whenever someone is cheating on their partner in a movie or tv show because I’m sure he will figure out that I’m doing the same.
I can’t help but panic, it’s a by-product of cheating on your husband.
I hesitantly pack everything into my bag trying to calm myself down, I need to look as regal as a swan.
On the surface calm, tranquil, composed, yet underneath kicking my legs frantically to stay afloat. I take a couple deep breaths forcing air into my constricting lungs and head for the elevators.

“Leaving so soon?” I turn to see Henry.
“I thought we had that meeting at seven?” His big grin is gleaming at me, it’s usually the grin he reserves for seeing me naked.
My head begins to swell, thumping in my ears.
“Jack’s down at reception” I watch as the grin transforms into his usual stern workplace look.
“I’ll reschedule then” I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention from the coldness of his voice, the playful mannerisms that were there a moment ago, gone.
I nod, guilt and despair flowing through me. He turns and walks back into the office.
I walk towards the elevator telling myself not to turn around, not to succumb to the temptation to run to him and tell him I want him, that I choose him. I walk head down into the empty steel elevator, I push my hands into my pockets disheartened.
My fingers hit something as my hand goes into my pocket. I pull out the post-it note Henry left for me on his laptop, this note could expose the affair.
The elevator doors ding, alerting me I’ve arrived on the ground floor, my husband is somewhere on the other side of the steel doors. My heart begins to thud against my chest, my composure slipping, head spinning.

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