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Ideas that intrude when one should be picking paint colors
Shameless Blue

Kathleen McNamara

Another fruitless search through the paint chips. I want to get paid to come up with names for paint colors. How hard can it be?

Take for instance the one I currently am holding, Shameless Blue. Was this name chosen because this one would make any house in a neighborhood stand out? Add some Neon White trim and shutters, and the house would look pretty perky! I can almost see the house preening, proud of its snappy, updated appearance. I wonder if the rest of the homes on the block would go through the human equivalent of snarky comments.

"Will you look at that house over there. Just who does she think she is wearing such a bold color? Trying to make everyone think she is so much younger. We all know she is just as old as the rest of us!"

On second thought, maybe this wasn't as fruitless as I thought. I found a whole new spectrum of writing prompts and a new coat of paint that will give the other houses on the block something to complain about.

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