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Dear Me,

In prior years you have refused to make resolutions, with good reason. They’ve had a negative connotation to them, provoking a defeat in you before you have even made it to the middle of your plans. Disheartening to say the least. However, I, as your secret confidant, has found it problematic when trying my best to help you. I want this year to be different.

I am not asking you to make any resolutions, even though you have made one already, believing you can see it through to the end of the year. We’ll see. I am going to urge you to create just a few goals that will be rather general and will, hopefully, help you stay focused on your aspirations, not only for your writing endeavors but also other aspects of your life.

• Find and stick to a routine: You do adequately in this area already but I think you may be a smidgen too flexible sometimes and, at other times, not flexible enough. My theory is the reasons for flexibility are askew. Pick a block of time that will be the same every day for your WiP writing sessions. Beyond a doubt, there will be a few times when a session will have to be moved or omitted. After all, your entire life cannot be centered around one passion. When giving time to other aspects of your life, give it your all. The screen and the keyboard will be there for your writing session, believe me.
• Some of your distractions are your fault: Fess up, woman. Tell your husband to go find something to do while you write. He won’t mind, I promise. He is not an ogre, like some other people we know.
• Stick with one genre longer: I am hoping this will help you stay with a project to the very end, to the place where you are preparing to send it off for publishing. You aren’t sticking with a genre long enough to learn much about writing within its parameters. Persevere!
• Finish Confronting the Boogieman! You have the skeleton draft done. Now flesh that puppy out, edit it, send it to your critique buddy, edit, send it to a critique group, edit, send it to a professional editor, revise a few more times if needed, and send it out into the world.

To quote your mom:
“Every day of life is an adventure.”
“There are no bad days, just bad moments.”

Love yourself a little more and I bet you’ll see some things turn around for you. Give your life all of your attention.

Sincerely and truly yours,
The Other Me
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