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by Gainer
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Johna struggles with his inner demons.
Johna was running from something he could not escape. The creature behind him screeching as it picked up speed. Johna pushed himself to run faster each step making a loud bang as his foot connected with the metal floor. A dull red light lit up the empty hallways accompanied by a loud siren. The creature right behind Johna reaches out one of its disfigured limbs and grabs his leg. Johna struggles to get free but it only seems to make the creature more angry. The black creature pulls Johna into it enveloping him.

Johna jolts up in his bed. He was breathing heavy and was covered in a cold sweat. Johna looks at his alarm clock, 5:40 it was early in the morning. These nightmares have been tormenting Johna ever since the accident.

Ever since the accident Johna went to therapy to deal with his depression.

“I’m sill having those nightmares. I feel like I’m trapped and that I have no chance to escape, it always catches me no mater how fast or how far I run it always catches me” Johna said.

“It seems to me like this creature you talk about could be your mental manifestation of all the bad things you have locked away in your mind.” Said dr.J, “maybe you should look for closure by revisiting the events that made all this happen”.

Johna let out a sigh, “me and mom were on our way home after she finished shopping. I was mad that she kept saying that no matter what I did I would always fall short of her expectations, so we started arguing.” Johna paused trying to hold back tears, “we kept arguing and she wasn’t paying much attention to the road and she ran a red light. A truck slammed into the side of the car and everything went black.” Johna was starting to cry a this point, “I woke up in the ambulance and they said it was a miracle that I survived. My mom died on the impact and the last words that I said to her was I hate you. I am the reason my mother died, I started the argument that distracted her. ITS ALL MY FAULT!” Johna finished tears streaming past his face.

“It’s not your fault Johna, you couldn’t of known that it would end that way. You blame yourself for something you could not control.” Dr.J said...

Note: I am hoping for feedback and will be adding more parts to this in the future.
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