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are you ready for an epic story about Tea??
Good Morning I just wake up
and I looked at the kitchen it was messed up I don't know how because I live alone I felt scared at the begging but then I calmed myself saying
its just my cat his name is sir William ..anyway days passed by and I forget about the messed up kitchen but something inside me didn't feel right like there is someone living in my own house maybe I am going crazy or I am not I didn't tell anyone beside my best friend Jude who told me don't worry about it your just stressing out but I know that I am not stressing out ! okay Jude thanks for your advice ...when the night came

and I went to home after working at my new story it called (TeaLover) and you will notice something about my title and why the T and L are caps well because my two main characters are called Time and Lyan I know that these are so weird and extraordinary names but that what made me choose them moving on I arrives at my doorknob at the darkness of the night I think the neighbor lights were out I wont lie to you I am not a fan of dark it makes me feel like there is someone behind me and there was someone behind who whispers in my ear welcome home

with a weird manly voice I turned around to see who was there and I found a tall man who looked at his 20 , with green eyes looking at me

the funny thing about all of that is his name he told his name is Time and I was Like what !!!?? how ia this possible he told I need to taIk to you ASAP it is important please … when he said please I saw sadness in his face and I told him you can come inside but for 5 minutes only and If you did anything I am a pro at fighting and kicking time: okay chill lady ….I went to the kitchen and I came back to give him the Tea

and he was sleeping in my couch I tried to wake him up but I guess he is a heavy sleeper I took a glance at him and he had the same figures

as my character Time and lookin to at his name is Time could he be out of the book or am I going crazy …………

as I was writing at midnight and time was at the couch next to me I had to spy on him so he went steal or do anything but then I found myself falling to sleep and waking up smelling eggs I went to the kitchen to find times cooking eggs and waffles

I was actually calm for a day in my life I had breakfast with him and asked him why is here at my house and how did he know me and what did he want to tell me before falling asleep in my couch time was nervous he reminded me of the time I told my friend about her cheating husband and she told me off and cut all of her connect with me said I was a liar ,....anyway he looked at me and a told me my name is time you are my author and that night and before I was living in your house …..I asked him :how??
he said because of the tea …..are you kidding me here time a tea how??
well you bought a magic weird tea about a year ago …….okay and I had that tea last week so are you saying that …

time: yes that tea make your wish come true and your wish was that I can became real and it did
this might be weird but the only way to make live with you forever is to marry me
....w..h..a.t are you saying ?//
time: you can see from my name that my time here could be done but if you marry me I can stay on earth and live with you forever
if that s what you want
......okay listen I am gonna give you a chance at least for month if you and I had common staff I II think about it

time: okay you have adeal

days passed by and I really enjoyd my time with Time huhh he was like my time in the story smart , funny,happy,genorus ,so a month passed by and I was ready to give time my answar which is Yes I will marry you but I didnt thought that far ahead he was gone I didnt find anywhere

did time run out of time......I begin to feel sore and sadness was all over my face days passes and Jude was visting me I told her everything and I can see your crazy on her face but she gave a warm hug to make me calm and now here I an after 7 years writing this story after publishing my first book TeaLover and It got famous real quick maybe because the feelings were real

you didnt get my name didnt you I am Lyan the author of TeaLover
and I am working on my next story which includes Time in it it called Time days passed and the agency publish my second book Time

and it was a hit people loved it and most importintley I loved it ...so the agency called me for the signing cermony for writers
I went to newyork for it and I felt proud there were lots of people who were there for me and after along sign line only one left I can do it I lefted my head from the table to face those green eyes again I shouted YOU what are you ...how??
he looked at me with a smile and he asked will you marry me I cried and I said why not YESSS..

the end
writin by Detective Dream L
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