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by Norman
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Between freedom and dependence, which one would you choose?
I sat beneath an old tree
On a warm September day
Just wondering how I got there
How I ended up this way

One time my life was solid
I thought I had it all
It seems the higher up you go
The further you can fall

I still don’t know what happened
How did things come apart?
I thought about how it began
When did the ending start?

Yeah, life can be so fickle
Sometimes it can be cruel
I wrapped my arms around my legs
It was starting to get cool

I should have listened to her
She said to bring my phone
Then I'd have my GPS
To guide my way back home

But she is such a know-it-all
I hate to hear her yap
So I am stranded who-knows-where
I could really use a map

I finally picked my bike up
And went back the way I came
I should have paid attention
Not a landmark looked the same

I know I’m hard to live with
I blame it on myself
If I were not so stubborn
I could have asked for help

But damned if I would give in
I’d rather die than lose
Between freedom and dependence
Which one would you choose?

I found a road familiar
I thought I went past there
I was sure I could get home now
The route was looking clear

I didn’t need to ask for help
And I didn’t need my phone
I don’t need anybody
I can get by on my own

But my way can be lonely
I will tell you that for sure
Trading friendship for your freedom
Is a hardship to endure

Perhaps I’ll have to mend that
And learn to get along
Nah, it isn’t gonna happen
I’ve been stubborn for so long

The sun was going down then
As I finally made it back
I should have felt elated
But my mood was turning black

I have myself to live with
That’s just the way I’m made
I lost a strong connection
That’s the downside of the trade

My wife was waiting for me
She thought I’d lost my way
She smiled and then she hugged me
Maybe I’ll start to change today

Yeah, I’ll start to change today
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2179626