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What goes into my mental trunk, never to be seen again.
There are things in your past that are best left there because it is the healthier thing to do. It isn't always easy, and it took a lot of practice, but I built a chest in which I put the doubts and mistakes of my past life. I take the lessons that my mistakes have taught me, put the rest in the trunk and lock it. The baggage stays there, forgotten.

I lived through three years of extreme emotional abuse by a man who said he loved me and to whom I was engaged to. I knew that there might be trouble going in, but I did love him and I had made the commitment to marry him. After being called every type of hurtful name and having my self-esteem substantially eroded, I chose to start over. All the self-doubt, hurt feelings and self-recriminations went into the trunk, and the key turned with a loud click. A better life had begun.

I spent years listening to negative messages from my family about building my writing career. I had to decide that my future was going to be exactly the way I wanted it, and that meant I would be making my writing an integral part of my financial future. I took all the limiting beliefs that had held me back, namely that my writing wasn’t good enough or that it was not a lucrative career, and put them in the trunk. My life became mine and my future was in my hands. The key turned and clicked, and I took control of my life.

I lived in poverty and deprivation. This caused self-doubt and shame that lingered for years. However, I discovered that my coaching business could give me the financial security I needed in my life and make it possible to make the dreams myself and my boyfriend, of 23 years now, had for our life together to come true. I put the shame of being poor and the self-doubt about my abilities in the trunk and breathed a sigh of relief. My days of wondering where my next meal was coming from were over.

Life can be exactly what you want. Take all the bad feelings that your challenges can inject into your life and put them in that trunk. Your troubles help shape who you have become. They don’t have to dictate who you will be or what your future will be like.
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