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by Kotaro
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I wrote this after having a very vivid dream.

Chris Kilmer, a successful businessman, was sitting in the reception room of his psychiatrist, Susan Love, when the receptionist, said, "Mr. Kilmer, Dr. Love is ready to see you."

"Thank you,” he said, and entered Dr. Love's office.

"Good morning, Chris. How are you, today?"

"Fine. Thank you, Susan. How about yourself?"

"Fine. So, lie down and tell me about your interesting life."

Chris got comfortable on the leather couch and stared at the ceiling. "Sunday, or rather, Monday morning, I had one of the longest, most vivid, and certainly, the strangest dream of my life."

"Did this dream disturb you?"

"No, actually, it was very interesting, but sometimes, frustrating to the dream me."

"I see. Now, tell me the dream, as much as you can remember and from the start."

"Well, the start is hazy. I was young, in my late teens. I was important. I had a license to kill. Can't recall who or what I had the rights to kill, but it was important to society, dangerous, and prestigious."

"Go on."

"I had just finished a mission, which was really a separate episode. I don't recall what it was, but it had been bloody, for I had used a long knife."

"I was in a video arcade. There was an upright game machine and the boy playing the game was a classmate. He finished the game and said something disrespectful to me, whereupon I grabbed his face. He became afraid and left in a hurry leaving his umbrella by the machine. I felt bad and picked up the umbrella to return it to him. I saw him leaving the arcade and followed him."

"Was this classmate an actual one from your past?"

"Yes, but he was older. He was a classmate from the first grade of elementary school."

"Why is this boy remarkable in your memories?"

"He was very bad. He once pushed me from behind off a two meter high concrete cube onto the gravel of the school playground. I remember my friends beat him up for that."

"I see. Go on"

"Well, where was I? Right, I left the arcade and was on the street in a big city. He was gone. I searched for him while holding two umbrellas. It had stopped raining, but there were puddles. I jay walked across the street still looking for him. After a while, I jay walked back, but this time a white convertible with the top down rounded the corner and approached slowly without trying to avoid me. I jumped out of the way and dropped one umbrella. I bent down to pick it up and the car backed up and would have hit me had it not stopped inches away."

"Did you see the driver?"

"A perceptive question. Yes, he was the one I was looking for."

"What happened next?"

"He drove off. That ended the second episode of my dream."

"The third episode, I had to go to class. I was still in the middle of the street. The umbrellas were magically gone. I started running down the street and had a hard time stopping. As I neared the intersection, I was sliding on my feet desperately trying to stop. I finally managed to stop just before it. I crossed to the pavement, but the buildings along the street had all changed and left me confused."

"Walking back and forth, I finally recognized the large office building which was on the corner of the previous intersection."

"Does this building actually exist?"

"I'm not sure. Though it seems familiar from other dreams."

"Hmm..go on"

"Well, I entered the building. The entrance was crowded with business people. There was a guard. He was aggressive and threatened to hit people if they didn't follow his rules. Somehow, I got past him. Maybe, it was my reputation as a killer that did the trick. I got into an elevator. It soon became packed though I remained inexplicably nearest the door. I looked to my left and there was a nurse standing alone, though everyone else was standing shoulder to shoulder. She smiled at me and said something I don't remember."

"Do you know this nurse?"

"...No, well going on with the dream. I got out and went to the classroom. My classmates were a mix of people who had actually been classmates and people from my jobs. They were all young, though. I sat next to some girls and they were all eager to talk to me which was nice. I don't remember what we talked about except we were about to go to another room to watch something."

"It was then that the dream became stranger. I felt something moving in my pants under my left knee. I exposed it to discover a neat furrow with a small green maggot crawling inside. I squished it and two more. Remaining cool, I walked up to the teacher, showed her the knee, and asked for permission to see the nurse."

"Again, I had a hard time finding my destination. The halls were a chaotic mess of people rushing wherever they had to go. I saw a teacher talking to two other people. I asked him for directions and arrived at reception."

"There were three attractive women at the desk and they asked for the medical insurance card. I took out my wallet and pulled out card after card and all kinds of notes and even photos which all covered their desk. They were interested in all this info and we had a good time. Finally, they found what they needed and asked what I was there for."

"I showed them my knee and they leaned over the desk to look. I pushed the flesh just above the knee, and thick dark blood gushed out and flowed down my leg and unto the floor. Upon hitting the floor, the blood became thinner with tints of green and pink."

"Did this horrify you?"

"Strangely, no. I was shocked, but my core emotion was of curiosity, for there were tiny creatures coming out of my knee. Something resembling crayfish, puffer fish, seaweed, and others like nothing I had seen before. I looked closer and saw the crayfish creatures fighting with their claws. I picked up a piece of seaweed and it was squishy. By that time the blood had spread to cover the entire reception area. There were hundreds of creatures."

"What was the reaction of the staff?"

"I heard one of them suggest calling pest control. Right after that another pointed to a door and asked me to see the doctor there. Then, I woke up."

"A very interesting dream, Chris!" She chuckled, and added, "I don't think you have to worry about going insane since it doesn't seem to bother you."

"What doesn't bother me; going insane?"

"No, I meant the dream doesn't bother you."

"It does. That's why I always carry a can of bug spray with me."

For some reason that set her off laughing. She didn't stop even when two men came to take her away. It turned out she was a quack.

Then, I woke up.

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