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Spelling bees can be hard but add pokemon into taht and things get even more interesting.

I knew my day was going to be interesting when I got roped into volunteering for a community spelling bee. It was also supposed to help raise funds to feed the hungry in the community. But I just had trouble understanding why it had to be me. Other than being a sucker that is. Being a water type Pokémon trainer wasn’t too bad really. It was all the punks trying to instigate a battle or your ex or anyone really saying how useless they were as a Pokémon in general that got my dander up. Especially if you used to be an apprentice to one of the best trainer’s the world had ever seen. {At least in my humble opinion}. I had since left that life behind and started a new one as being part owner of a water Pokémon sanctuary. They really were my favorite.

Right under them were evees they were just so cute and had such a great variety. The only down side to that was sometimes they could be more than some trainers could handle and they were set lose to do all kinds of damage. Or left weak and abandoned on the roadside. That’s in part why my friend Rebecca had started an Evee rescue. {She’s also the reason why I took up the sanctuary business after I left being a trainer but that’s for another time.} Trying to get those critters back to health and make sure the next go around responsible trainers took them in and raised them how they deserve.
It was my friend Rebecca that had convinced me to do this in the first place. Apparently, she was on the committee to help set up the even t and I would I wasn’t sure but figured someone would let me know eventually. As if that wasn’t enough a grandkid of my former trainer was going to be taking part in the spelling bee. Yeah, Rebecca, no pressure there at all.

I wasn’t even sure who would be judging this thing. I just hoped it wasn’t my idol and main reason for deciding to choose water Pokémon in the first place. I later found out the judges would be Nurse Joy, Brach, who used to tag along with that Ash Ketchum kid, and who now ran his own gym, and some lower official form some Pokémon town no one had ever heard of before. Apparently, he drew the short straw on this one.
My job before now had been taking the six finalists through their paces. To be fair, whoever thought having young children try and spell the names of some of these rather ridiculous names of some of these Pokémon needed to be fired. That’s how we ended up with names like ‘’Kat-Guy’’ for Meowth but even that wasn’t so hard. I don’t even remember if he made it to the finalists or not. But PsyDuck was useless in my opinion and young Gretchen Young calling him ‘’Dumb Donald" certainly seemed to fit.

I felt bad for Aron Potton getting Wobbuffet was almost cruel. Even I had to look it up on my phone to make sure we got it right before he got up there. The last part of its name was pretty much buffet plus wob upfront. Still who ever thought that up needed a good thrashing. But I guess there really wasn’t much else you could call it though. Except B.O.B. Named after Bob from that ‘’Monsters vs. Aliens’’ movie. One of our final young ladies came up with it. It really did seem to fit.

A previous Pokémon on the way to the finals had been Rapidash, an evolved version of Ponyta to be fair. I much preferred ‘’flame pony’’ as then contestant Eliza Fisher had proclaimed. Or Flareon on becoming ‘’fire fox’’, courtesy of Young James Flunderbill, again entirely appropriate. But probably my favorite of the younger kids’ round was someone got ‘’gaseous disaster’’ for the gas Pokémon and I couldn’t very well say they were wrong. I’m glad I got to get the younger kids through the simpler Pokémon.

Of my original group of six, four moved on. I wished them all luck and helped the two who fell behind to the auditorium so they could cheer on their peers. Overall, I guess it hadn’t been all that bad. My friend told me had a done a great job in getting the kids this far. I just wished it would end soon so I could get back to the sanctuary. I took some punch from Mr. Mime who was serving refreshments {what is it about that Pokémon that freaks me out?} and hoped this would conclude soon. In all the excitement going on, I hadn’t even had breakfast and it was fast approaching noon.

Thirty minutes later, {and some sun flowers and water courtesy of Mr. Mime again}, we had our winners. This spelling bee only went to 2nd place. I just assumed they would go for first place and that would be that. But little Estelline Cogswell and Mark Ruckus made it to the official final rounds. That would be held in the next town over in another two or three weeks from now. Estelline had correctly got Quagsire not Quog-satire as her opponent Jerry Lunar had done. Mark had gotten lucky with Charmander. It was nice to see the kids do so well. It was also time to head out for lunch and swell time for me to check in with Garry. All in all, things seemed to work out well after all.
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